Since You've Left The Organization Have You Turned Into A "Bad" Boy or Girl?

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  • minimus

    Yes, "loathsome venereal diseases" is what the Witnesses like calling it.

  • zoiks

    Excellent lazy work, mythreesons.

    It's amazing how normal the average fearsome apostate is.

    "Did you hear about brother Zoiks? He stopped going to meetings. I hear he's apostate, and spends his time working and raising his family, and has a drink or two in the evening." Gasp! "His heart must have been bad all along. Jehovah really is speeding up the separating work!"

  • minimus

    Zoiks, THAT is PROOF yjat the guy was no good from Day 1, almost like Satan the Devil himself!

  • d

    I am reading more works about Human nature and psychology and I an not as nervous around the opposite sex.

  • clarity

    Well I haven't turned into a bad boy .....yet. Do you think that could happen?

    I haven't turned into a bad girl either ... is that a requirement for apostateism?

  • sizemik

    I'm not bad . . . just completely batshit crazy . . . but that's the "Organisations" fault anyway . . . so I'm blameless.

  • willyloman

    The dub myth: If you leave the org, you go off the deep end and become an immoral slut with no standards.

    The reality: Once you leave you are free to revert to your authentic self, or go in search of it. As a result you become YOU, only more so.

  • mythreesons

    You're right about how 'normal' us 'scary apostates' are.

    I always felt like I wasn't being myself when I was in. I didn't even know myself. I was being what I thought other people expected me to be.

    witness conversation

    Well meaning question by former friend "Hey M3S's mom, How is M3S doing these days?"

    M3S's mom's response,

    "He turned apostate!!!! (Gasp) He's materialistic because he works a few Saturdays!!! He's turned worldly...have you seen his facial hair!?? He also is covered in tattoos...(ok he has 1 and it's on his shoulder....but it sounds better to say he's covered in them) He well less than us, but he smokes a cigar occasionally so it's waaaaaay worse - he's letting the demons in! He's turned to drugs, because his wife smoked a joint with her best friend on her birthday. Oh, he celebrates birthdays, mothers day, fathers day....He's practically WORSHIPPING people!!!! Oh yeah, I asked him a question about how he would feel if his son (my grandson) turned gay, do you know what he said???? He said 'well mom, he is my son and I love him and would support him no matter what decisions he makes.' He has gone CRAZY!!!!"

    "wow, that's too bad...." says well meaning friend

    M3S mom replys "it's all because his wife started reading twilight, and they joined facebook!!!! I tell you Satan is strong!"

    Yep, that about covers it! LOL

    All you people who were talking about VD earlier......NeonMadman

    TV`s are going digital..

    You`ll need a a new TV if you want VD..


  • unshackled

    Cheez: while my personal grass of choice isEremochloa ophiuroides (aka Centipede), I believe Uncle Sam should quit playing the double standard of cigarettes OK, weed BAD and mind his own damn business. Fine, regulate and tax the sale of it and keep it out of the hands of minors.... but FFS it's a PLANT!
    Agreed. And I too enjoy the Eremochloa ophiuroides as much as any grass. Though weed is just a plant, moderation is neccessary to avoid writing children's books featuring purple leisure pants and rainbows painted on the living room wall.

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