Since You've Left The Organization Have You Turned Into A "Bad" Boy or Girl?

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  • minimus

    But I love Poise.

  • mummatron

    I'm (unscripturally) divorced, living in sin and have 2 children born out of wedlock.

    On the other hand, I have about 1-3 alcoholic drinks a week, don't smoke, don't do any drugs other than the prescription kind, and spend my days caring for my children and animals. The only pubs I go to are the family chain pubs for meals out. I'm such a bad ass!.....

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    I was 18 when I was DF'd. I went absolutely bat-shit crazy with vices for a few years after that. I experimented heavily with drugs (pretty much all of them with the exception of injecting anything into my veins, thank goodness), took up cigarettes, drank myself into oblivion regularly, got heavily tattooed, and became a bonafide man-slut.

    I've calmed down considerably over the last 10 years or so, however. I have a great career, a nice house, nice cars, a beautiful wife, and all that other good stuff. I work in the liquor industry as a whisk(e)y brand ambassador, so booze is part of the job. I keep it pretty much in check though and rarely get drunk. Aside from the occasional puff or two of weed, I pretty much stay clear of narcotics.I kicked the cig habit cold-turkey about 6 years ago, but still enjoy a nice cigar maybe once or twice a week with a dram of good single malt.

    I don't have any regrets though in regards to my past habits. They have all made me the man I am today, and I'm pretty happy with who I have become. I wouldn't say that I am currently a "bad boy", but I sure used to be.

  • mamalove

    Bad is relative. Let's see, I drink wine, beer, or occasional mixed drinks on a social level, and sometimes at home I have wine. I don't smoke and never did drugs. My sex life would make you all blush, but it is with one person only. I can be a little naughty and bad sometimes. Like topless sunbathing on the boat and that sort of thing. Does that qualify as bad? I do swear when I stub my toe. I guess I need to knock that off. One thing I am more bad about is I am not as vigilant in covering up any little morsel of booby that might pop out of a dress or shirt.

  • unshackled

    I'm Canadian so I bath in beer…and sometimes drink one. Also enjoy inhaling smoke from the leaves of a certain plant on occasion. Bad? Nah. If it was good enough for Carl Sagan, its good enough for me.

    Considering I used to be a bigoted a**hole against homosexuals and their rights, and less concerned for humanity and our planet, I'd say I'm a much better person now.

  • mythreesons

    I'm lazy so I'm going to mark up Cheeze's and Zoiks' response and use it as my own.

    • Still completely faithful to my wife and she is faithful to me - we have a strong marriage and our kids are thriving. Check. Double Check
    • I have 1-2 drinks per evening, 4-6 evenings a week (within JAMA guidelines for beneficial "moderate drinking"). Wife will have maybe a drink or two on the weekend, especially if we have company. Check. Double Check
    • We don't use illegal drugs. I may or may not smoke weed on occasion. No more than when I was a JW teenager though I have smoked pot one time

    • We don't smoke cigarettes, I also like the occasional cigar for the 'just chillin' factor.... but I have found that an occasional cigar can enhance a nice evening and, at my current rate of 1 every few weeks or so (not inhaling), it doesn't even register as a blip of a health threat in medical studies.
    • I still haven't killed anyone, nor have I been in any bar fights because, well, 1) we don't go to bars and 2) I'm a wuss. We go to bars on occasion. It's a fun diversion and we get to act like grownups acting like teenagers, to a degree. Check
    Oh and my wife wants to go to Vegas and said we have to go to a strip club while there. It's a bucket list item, yeah she's really twisting my arm on that one.
  • WhatWasIThinking

    Not really. I never stopped drinking when I came into the org but I did cut back. Now I don't care and if I have a few too many I just call a cab. I smoke cigars on occassion again. I had ink before and have gotten some more since leaving. I watch R-rated movies and listen to punk and metal again. I don't break any laws other than minor traffic ones (slight speeding), I don't get into fights, and I get along with my neighbors and coworkers. In the eyes of most people I'm a decent person, in the eyes of the JWs I'm evil.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    A good boy by my definition and a bad boy by their's.

  • SweetBabyCheezits
    Shack: Also enjoy inhaling smoke from the leaves of a certain plant on occasion. Bad? Nah. If it was good enough for Carl Sagan, its good enough for me.

    Considering our mutual love for all things Sagan, I should mention that, while my personal grass of choice isEremochloa ophiuroides (aka Centipede), I believe Uncle Sam should quit playing the double standard of cigarettes OK, weed BAD and mind his own damn business. Fine, regulate and tax the sale of it and keep it out of the hands of minors.... but FFS it's a PLANT!

  • gubberningbody

    I've gotten way creepier...

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