What Actually Made You Leave The Organization?

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  • Nickolas

    I'm 41 now.

    Man, I wish I was 41 again. You still have time.

  • Awen

    @ Nickolas. Yeah too much time. Thought about college but with so many college graduates out of work or not being able to get work it seems a waste of time and money.

    Thinking about volunteering with these people.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Giving a Service Meeting talk reinforcing the shunning of long-time DFed family members.

    I included how painful it had been for me to not speak to my DFed brother for over 20 years, but that it was in the best interests of everyone to uphold the "arrangement". I received many compliments afterward including one from a middle-aged mom whose 20-something daughter had just been DFed.

    As I observed the JW-drone Elder-monster in the mirror at home that evening, I could no longer live with supporting such a ruthless policy.

    Called up my DFed brother not too long after that and begged his forgiveness. Best decision I've ever made.


  • Nickolas

    If you can do what you love to do and get paid for it, then it's a no brainer, Awen.

  • Hortensia

    Severe depression. I just gave up. Mysteriously I started feeling better when I stopped going to the KH!

  • wobble

    I have to answer the thread title in two ways, Min, because it is not an easy thing to pin down.

    The actual trigger that made me walk away was what I perceived to be the blasphemous position claimed by the GB/FDS, they had totally shoved Jesus aside ,and claimed for themselves His position.

    It suddenly struck me that ,in their constant shrill calls for "submission" and unquestioning "loyalty", they demanded actual worship !

    But also what actually made me leave was my having been an Apostate my whole life, I never agreed with all the teachings, the big spur to research was the realisation that 1914 was just simply not in scripture, never mind about when Jerusalem was destroyed by Good King Neb, the whole 2520 years rubbish is not as credible as Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code!

    The whole WT/JW belief system is a house of cards that soon flutters to the ground as a small breeze of Truth blows upon it.

  • minimus

    Open Mind, I too would feel guilty about such talks. Intially, I'd water them down. Then I stopped taking any assignments that I was uncomfortable with.

    Wobble, MOST of the JWS I know do not 100% believe everything written oe said and they do not regard themselves as apostates at all.

  • shamus100

    When they stopped giving out free cookies at our hall after the meetings.

    I mean, the nerve!

  • minimus

    After the bookstudies, if you were in a home, you often got "goodies". Our PO conducted at the KH for a while and he missed "goody night" and decided to have it once a month after the bookstudy.

  • wobble

    I would not have applied the title Apostate to myself when I was in either Min, but in truth you are if you do not swallow the whole crock of s**t down to the last mini-turd.

    That is why I still hold out hope that many will wake up, probably 99% would disagree with some small part at least, so they are part-way on the road out, even if it is only a half-step, with the other foot still firmly in.

    It is interesting that many start in small ways to withdraw their full hearted support, and eventually along comes something that is almost unique to them, but it is enough to push them to leave.

    May that happen to many, many more of the poor souls trapped in the cult.

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