What Actually Made You Leave The Organization?

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  • minimus

    Many of us needed time to get away from this religion. I took the course of fading and it's worked pretty well for me. After I saw sooooo many silly rules being enforced, I needed to get out!

    I began hating being an elder. I felt bad for many who were basically good people being put down by the system as a Witness. But eventually, I decided I NEEDED to get out. I just couldn't keep the charade going.

    What was it that made you feel that you HAD to get out?

  • excito-are

    The teachings and after reading all their old publications, really seeing that this was a group that was clueless

  • NomadSoul

    I couldn't pretend I still believed in a "God".

    I didn't know you used to be an elder Minimus. Good to know.

  • fokyc

    Elders lying !! To me and about me.

  • minimus

    Nomad, don't hold it against me.

  • blond-moment

    I failed to get baptized as a teen. The more they pushed, the more I dug my heels in. Don't even ask me where I got the nerve, I had no real sense of self back then. I just knew I wasn't ready and Jehovah would know I was doing it for the wrong reasons.

    I left around 22 because it became unbarable.

    I believed however, till just recently. Was meeting with a local sister, I wanted a few questions cleared up, I was planning to go back. I wanted to go back all or nothing, so I was clearing up a few things.

    While clearing up those few things, everything became clear, and I woke up totally and quickly. What a shocker that was. Was on a roller coaster of emotions for a while, now I have seemed to have leveled out. Thankfully, I had already dealt with the loss of family years ago, so I only had to deal with waking up.

    Finding out the truth about the "truth is a bit surreal.

  • LV101

    The lying, conniving, creepy, people -- biggest losers i'd ever been around, with the exception of maybe TWO/MAYBE!!! hearing about crooklyn and being around a couple of CO's --- what losers!!!! seems they were always begging for something out of the poor followers.

    could not believe the charlatan's story (W/T founder) and Jesus appearing invisibly. GIVE ME A BREAK. couldn't believe the lies they were spreading around 1975 --- OMG!!! IDIOTS -- but great marketing plan.

  • undercover
    Finding out the truth about the "truth is a bit surreal.

    It's like a movie where the hero realizes that he's been hoodwinked by someone, or some group, he trusted. Like a spy who realized he was a pawn in a much bigger, crooked game.

    But, unlike the movies, there is no neat wrap-up in a couple of hours time. The bad guy doesn't get his comeuppance, the hero isn't vindicated. Justice does not prevail.

  • minimus

    Profound, UC.

  • Kensei01

    Hi Minimus:

    This is acutually the first post I have made after lurking on this site for over a year. I am currently in the process of fading. My dear wife is still faithful although I strongly believe that she see's what is really going on but still hopes for the best. For me the real reason that I am going to leave is that I truly cannot believe that this joke religion is from God. I am a lifelong jw...since my boyhood and I believed all the tripe, however as I became an amateur historian over the years I wanted more and more "raw" data, and as that became more and more available through the internet I started to see a very disturbing picture developing.

    I remember very clearly the 1975 debacle; and after "objectively" examining 1914 I found this date was arrived at with pure historical hucksterism. After that the floodgates of doubt opened. As well, like many others who have left something happened to me that showed that a body of elders is nothing more than a bunch of pharisees too afraid for their own position to stand up for anyone. More details are available if anyone is interested, I don't feel like giving you all information overload.

    That's it I guess, thanks to one and all of you who have contributed to this site, it really opened my eyes, and it is really good to see former elders like yourself; I am a former ms; stand up and show what these ass clowns really are.

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