What Actually Made You Leave The Organization?

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  • Magwitch

    • My elder husband was a hypocrite
    • The body of elders started putting pressure on my then 14 & 15 yr old daughters to join the school and become unbaptized publishers (I knew it was time to run) Over my dead body would by daughters ever be Jdubs.
  • minimus

    If your teens weren't even in the school or publishers, it was only a matter of time that he would get deleted. What kind of "example" was he?

  • punkofnice


    The body of elders started putting pressure on my then 14 & 15 yr old daughters to join the school and become unbaptized publishers

    ...and they DARE call this encouragement!!?!?!

    Anyone that hasn't been behind the scenes as elders you are lucky! No! Really, you are, ask any ex-elder here!

    I can only tell you that all the negative stuff you hear is true! I was disgusted by the way the WTB$ HQ ordered elders to do things. Perhaps if I'd never been an elder I would never have woken up....!??!?!?

  • Magwitch

    What kind of "example" was he?

    The best kind! He forgot that he had a wife and kids - so we slid under the radar for a long time!

  • shechaiyah

    They were clueless that they were not teaching Truth as they claimed.

    They treated wise women like dirt; and they indulge stupid men.

    Single-parent families are seen as sinful even if they're not.

    There's no protection for widows nor orphans nor unemployed nor bankrupt.

    It's all dogma, with very little heart.


  • Woody22

    I stepped down as an elder in Jan. 1980 by June I was kicked out.

    Lucky me.


  • TotallyADD

    Punkofnice what you said is the truth. As a elder we would get sometimes 10 to 15 letters per month to the BOE on things on what we should do or not do. I would get so sick of it all. Turn out alot of it was lawyer talk legal stuff letters. Then the GB putting themselves up on a pedestal. I would think what do we need Jesus for when we got the GB. Those were the big red flags that started coming up for me. Then the lack of love among those in the congregation. Where CA or DC was more important than showing love to ones of the faith who have just lost loved ones. It truly is a cult. Totally ADD

  • Dudu

    Few things ... after the DC of this year, the new light about the end ... the new generation, annointed elders coming out of the closet after years and years of being gay ..... and of course, this wonderful website :)

  • Sulla

    607BCE. That was it, I kid you not.

  • Nickolas

    Never took the plunge. To answer your question, minimus: the 1975 fiasco - and not being permitted to ask my own questions, or to question the answers provided in the book studies.

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