1874, 1914 and 1943

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    @DJEggNog says . . .

    Once @sizemik ridiculed God here as being either impotent or as being non-existent, one, when he wrote the following (in a different thread):

    It also doesn't answer why we have Earthquakes, Tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, forest fires, landslides, floods, epidemics, diseases, birth defects etc. These events have existed long before man can be accused of having a direct effect on climate etc . . . and are a natural consequence of the way life is configured.

    DJ really . . . firstly, I'm not sure how this quote supports your claim that I "ridiculed God". If you want to trawl through my past comments and use them here in a different context . . . I'm sure you can be more creative than that. While you do that . . . consider this . . . questioning anothers perception of God is not the same as ridiculing God . . . come on man, this is a pretty sloppy misrepresentation . . . even by your low standards.

    @DJEggNog then adds . . .

    it is a lie for him to have described these things as being "a natural consequence of the way life is configured," for, in the beginning, everything that Jehovah made was perfect. These things he mentioned are the consequence of the tremendous weight of the waters of the global deluge that beset planet earth back in 2370 BC

    You're desperate to call me a liar . . . I understand that, since I have already conclusively demonstrated that you have a profound lack of moral integrity in this area . . .

    If, by your own declaration, "These things he mentioned are the consequence of the tremendous weight of the waters of the global deluge that beset planet earth back in 2370 BC" . . . then in what way are they not "a natural consequence of the way life is configured," thus making me the liar you have declared me to be? In fact, your admission supports fully the statement I originally made!

    Are you working on your slandering skills now that your penchant for misrepresentation and lying have been exposed for all to see?

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    DNCall "Now, I have the highest regard for jwfacts. However, I, as a legal assistant (not by choice), take umbrage at his statement above. To suggest that djeggnog is better suited as a legal assistant (to an unscrupulous, overbilling lawyer, or not) is an insult to legal assistants everywhere."

    Sorry DNCall. The comment was to highlight DJ's ability to write incredibly long and repetitive posts, not to insult the legal profession. I have worked with many fine laywers that are both honest and succinct.

    djeggnog I asked for a yes or no answer, very much like lawyers ask for in court, yet you cannot help but unload another tirade of meandering irrelevancies. It is not pertinent to the theme of this thread whether it was Russell or Rutherford that wrote the 1927 quote. Secondly, the Watchtower taught that the second coming occurred or at least commenced in 1874, which started the presence and the harvest. No matter how much you try to distract the issue with comments that the "end of the harvest" or "end of the gentile times" or "end of the world" was in 1914, it does not change that fact, or that you are wrong.

    You are the master of the rhetorical fallacy. I cannot work out if you believe what you write, or think everyone but yourself are fools that cannot see the flaws of your own reasoning. You remind me of a JW friend of mine that would lie, and when proven to have lied would swear till he was blue in the face that he had not. Or he would argue that blue is red, just for the sake of arguing. It quickly becomes tiring and an embarrassment to everyone else.

  • DNCall

    jwfacts: I was completely joking. I fully understood the point of your comment. I just couldn't resist quoting it out of context so as to apply the old joke that compares lawyers, or anyone else for that matter, to pigs. Then you think better of it, because the comparison reflects poorly on pigs.

    I too have worked with many fine lawyers who are both honest and succinct. Unfortunately, I've also slogged through writing such as djeggnog's.

    If anything, I should apologize to you for a joke that didn't work.



  • jwfacts

    Thanks for the clarification DNCall. Discussions such as this with DJeggnog do help me appreciate the difficulties of law, as it shows how easily a misunderstanding can arise due to a poorly placed word, or a reader inadvertently putting emphasis on a different word than the writer intended.

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Djeggnogg said: 'Jehovah is still your God and he had no direct input in the decision that was made against you or your disfellowshipped loved one.' -- No direct input? I thought it was his organisation? I agree with this statement fully, though. Sorry guys, I just looked back over this and couldn't help myself. :)

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