Aug. 15th WT - WT Society Dissing Internet Again - All JW's Beware !

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  • DJPoetech

    @sinis ... LOL!

    The article: in other words rank and file, "you are too stupid and naive to discern what is good and what is bad so we will slap your hand like you are little mindless children and you better obey!"


    Internet search engines might be compared to a legion of mushroom pickers who tirelessly collect all types of mushrooms- edible

    as well as poisonous - throwing them into a single container and dishing them out for us to eat.

    How do you find information on the Internet,with "No Search Engine"?..

    That WBT$ Article was written..

    By someone who was Severly WatchTarded..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • 3dogs1husband

    I like to picture the GB sitting around going ....."you know the rank and file dont know we are satan"

    lol people in glass houses......

  • discreetslave

    I'm addicted to this forum they got something right.

  • thetrueone

    And for the past 120 years, those with access to printing facilities have done the same thing. Irony indeed.

    Good one Rocketman

    The WTs has come to the realization that the inter-net has information on it that the WTS. doesn't want the general public

    or their own dedicated members to know or be aware about.

    That picture of the shadow of the Ethernet cable, purposely designed to look like a snake is the height of blatant fear mongering

    no less inspired by the profusion of damaging information about the very WTS. itself.

    They know their little kingdom is weakening, their posturing lies and corruption are being revealed and exposed.

  • OnTheWayOut

    There is always some kernel of truth in their illustrations:

    We could just as easily say that of the Watchtower literature. Two dogs could be sitting at the computer banging out the words for a new magazine, saying "At the Kingdom Halls, nobody knows they are reading articles from dogs."

    This stuff probably has virtually no effect on younger people. It's mainly to get older JW's to dismiss any information that younger people might bring to their attention. It could simply be boiled down to "Don't trust any information negative about US. Only use information that is not about us."

  • flipper

    MICKEY MOUSE- Thanks for posting the picture of the " shadow snake " . That's one of the creepier pictures I've seen in A Watchtower. Definitely used to scare JW's from using the Internet.

    SNOOZY- I think the " fun " Witnesses are all gone . These days I don't think many Witnesses are having " fun. " Most of them are depressed and tired.

    LOW KEY LYSMITH- Agreed. I think the WT writers have been sucking down mushrooms for years now. The last few years they must be eating more potent varieties of them.

    SINIS- Very true. The WT society keeps THEIR writers anonymous yet puts down other Internet writers for staying anonymous. It's definitely the pot calling the kettle black.

    THE QUIET ONE- Exactly. WT society only considers THEIR website as " safe " . Anything else is considered dangerous and threatening to JW's.

    MOSHE- You are probably right. I'm quite sure the WT writers have access to use of the Internet and use it all the time in adding information to the WT articles or any other publications of theirs.

    NUGGET- You stated, " They need to control the flock. " BINGO ! You hit the nail on the head. The WT society DOES NOT want JW's finding out their " horrid secrets " as you stated and they will use guilt and/or fear tactics to prevent rank & file Witnesses from accessing information on the Internet which would open their eyes to realities of WT society horridness ! I'm with you- I hope more and more people lose their fear of the Internet and open their minds to information concerning the WT society. As you mentioned many young people are already doing so ! More power to them.

    BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS- Exactly. That snake shadow on the wall from the computer cord is socreepy yet an insidious method desgned to promote fear in JW's of using the Internet. Incredible.

    TOTALLY ADD- Indeed. Warning Will Robinson ! Warning ! Internet WILL wake people up ! And that's a good thing.

    SKEETER 1- This is a good thing from the aspect of it IS showing the WT society is bleeding members and people are exiting the JW cult. That is good news. The Internet access of information is waking people up and people are making informed, intelligent decisions in favor of freedom of mind. And that's a good thing as well.

    MAN IN THE MIDDLE- Good point. It is hypocritical on the WT societies part as we don't know who their writers are either. Yet they expect JW's to accept whats written without checking it first.

    FACTFINDER- I'm sorry your brother is so controlled by fear and thinks " Satan controls the Internet ". It's really sad because it could free his mind if he opened it up.

    WING COMMANDER- Indeed much hypocrisy by the WT society claiming to be all knowing and yet they never give the names of who writes their material. Yet they condemn other Internet writers who give no names of writers. WT society has nEVER been aware of their shortcomings . Oh- They might be AWARE of their shortcomings- but will never admit it publicly.

    AWEN- Very true. The GB is really Satan in drag I think. The information they spew out is as lethal anything Satan would put out.

    SIZEMIK- I know for sure I wouldn't know which mushrooms are poisonous or not. I don't think the WT society knows for sure anything at all to be blunt.

    TRANSHUMAN- Thanks for the bump.

    SULLA- Very true. WT society logic can't stand the facts being displayed. And as you stated the WT society can't see the irony in their pointing fingers at everybody else- but not at themselves. They've always been this way- sadly

    Will come back and answer pg. 2 in a little while.

  • LongHairGal

    FLIPPER: What a transparently pathetic attempt! What's next? Are they going to tearfully stand in front of the door and not let anybody out? It reminds me of when I moved out of my parents house and my Mom blocked the door so I couldn't leave and I said "get out of the way or I'll call the police". LOL. Anyway, the religion has lost the youth who are laughing at this stupid advice! Of course, intelligent people know that you have to use your brain and scrutinize anything you learn on the internet. However, the SAME scrutiny should apply to the JW religion's teachings as well! The only people who will heed their scary warning are those older, gullible JWs who are in some cases too poor to even afford internet access anyway! So, all the religion's dirty secrets are still safe.

  • shepherd

    "Internet search engines might be compared to a legion of mushroom pickers who tirelessly collect all types of mushrooms- edible as well as poisonous - throwing them into a single container and dishing them out for us to eat."

    I guess that's an improvement on a previous illustration in which they said the Internet was a garden full of poisionous snakes.....

  • Ding

    Make it easy on yourself.

    Let the GB do all your research for you.

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