Aug. 15th WT - WT Society Dissing Internet Again - All JW's Beware !

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  • TotallyADD

    Warning! Warning! Will Robinson the internet will help you wake up. Totally ADD

  • skeeter1

    Good, it proves to me that the Watch Tower cult is bleeding members due to the wealth of information on the Internet, not only about the fallacies of the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation, but of cults in general.

    Pure propaganda at its best.

    But, I think this article may get many to view the complaints of ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, and in turn, learn alot about the Organization.

  • maninthemiddle


    I remember that article, and that picture, fear mongering indeed.

    Today, anyone with an Internet connection can become a desktop professor, pretending to be in the know, without even revealing his name. And there are no rules on who can publish ideas, information, images, and suggestions. "

    However I find this statement most hypocritical considering we don’t know who writes their books. In religion there are also no rules on who can publish ideas, information, images and suggestions. Suggestions indeed. Think about that for a moment, are there rules in this country on who can publish physical books or magazines.

  • factfinder

    Mr. Flipper- their fear tactics work 100% on my jw brother. He refuses to use the internet -he told me it contains "the deep things of Satan". He does not even use email. He wants to remain loyal to the "slave" (gb) and that requires ignorance.

  • WingCommander

    Start insanely ironic WatchTower

    "can become a desktop professor, pretending to be in the know, without even revealing his name. And there are no rules on who can publish ideas, information, images, and suggestions. "

    ^^^^ Gee.......who does THIS description describe to a "T"? Show me in the WT literature anywhere where the names of the writers are printed, and their qualifications listed. Hell, they don't even cite their sources 98% of the are just supposed to take the WT writers word for it, without question!!! I find this statement so incredibly ironic that I could just spit!!!!!

    Do tell me WT Society, where can I find the names of your "Biblical Scholars" whom translated your Bible, along with their qualifications to do so, references used/cited etc?

    What a bunch of hypocritical, two-faced bastards!!!!

    - Wing Commander

  • Awen

    "In 1993 a well-known magazine had a cartoon showing two dogs in front of a computer. One dog explains to the other : On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog. "

    I'm waiting to see a cartoon depicting a JW chatting with a kid with the caption "On the internet no one knows you're a pedophile."

    Misinformation? I'm misinformed every time I go to

    Translation : If you surf the Internet for ideas most people are like Satan and will be there to mislead you claiming to be experts and PRETENDING to know what they are talking about - but really do not.

    Kinda like the Governing Body?

    Peace and Love,

    Morgan (Awen)

  • sizemik

    How did people ever find out which mushrooms were poisonous and which were not? It's not like they had seven concerned men following them round with a magic book saying "don't eat that one".

    I guess they have now though.

  • transhuman68
  • transhuman68
  • Sulla

    They don't know they're being ironic; they think that everybody knows and trusts them so applying their own criticism to themselves is one of those things that is inconceivable.

    The problem, of course, is not so much the commentary (internet commentary is everywhere about everything and everybody knows how to filter it) but the primary documents and the serious analysis. And, thus, the problem is with actual facts, whether these are from an internet source or college. My final break with the JWs came entirely by accident while I was in college. Ancient history class had a very short piece about Israel and mentioned, entirely in passing, the date the Babylonians destroyed the place. I spent a full day searching the entire library for any source that would lend any cover for the JW date and, of course, found none.

    Similarly with the primary documents. Anybody who wants to may find, for example, any of the Early Church Fathers' works in their entirety and see that the JW quotes of these men are lies.

    The real problem is with the facts that are available now, to anybody with a little curiosity. And they can't withstand the facts.

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