Aug. 15th WT - WT Society Dissing Internet Again - All JW's Beware !

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    The WBT$ treats Jehovah`s Witness`s like Mushrooms..

    Jehovah`s Witness`s are kept in the Dark and fed Plenty of WBT$ Shit..

    Kingdom Hall..


    Jehovah`s Mushrooms..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • flipper

    OOMPA- Misinformation rhymes with masturbation ? Okay if you say so.

    PAMS GIRL- The WT society are $hitting their pants because so many young people are exiting the JW cult. Young people can't be duped anymore due to information access to the Internet. I hope there are more people leaving the Witnesses than joining these days. I hope. I hope.

    WT WIZARD- WT society website and literature are indeed the worst for disinformation.

    PISTOFF- Indeed the WT society keeps pedophiles secret and threatens whistleblowers. Very true.

    LORE- Yep, it's mind control but that snake picture is pretty freaky.

    ROCKETMAN- Exactly. WT society has proclaimed themselves experts in many fields of prophecy, etc. And they've had a printing facility for 120 years for sure !

    WHA HAPPENED? - I'm with you. I hate their ridiculous analogies and advice also. I agree with you- the young people will start and continue to explore the Internet and continue gaining freedom from the Witnesses by leaving.

    DJPOETECH- Very true. WT society DOES treat it's members like little mindless children. Very sad.

    OUTLAW- Good point. I think this article was written by someone who wasn't the brightest bulb in the Writing room.

    3DOGS1HUSBAND- You are probably right. WT leaders do joke with each other that they are Satan. Or his offspring . Either way they are practicing mind control on the JW's.

    DISCREET SLAVE- This forum gets many things right.

    THETRUEONE- Agreed. The WT society Titanic is sinking , they know it, and they can't stop it.

    OTWO- I agree- this information is designed to reach older JW's in the organization who have no knowledge of the Internet anyway. Peace out, Mr. flipper

  • Retrovirus

    I found it interesting that pornography is no longer featured as the main "danger". It's almost an admission that what the wt really fears is information availability.

  • punkofnice
    While the Internet can provide valuable information, save us time, and serve a useful function, it can also MISINFORM us, consune an inordinate amount of our time, and CORRUPT US MORALLY. " It continues, " Internet search engines might be compared to a legion of mushroom pickers who tirelessly collect all types of mushrooms- edible as well as poisonous - throwing them into a single container and dishing them out for us to eat. Would you start eating these mushrooms without carefully examining each one ?

    Here we go again!!Logical fallacy time replete with weasle words 'can' 'might be compared'!

    Then why buy a news paper? Why watch ANYTHING on the TV? wait.......this is getting very cultish. How many Dubs HAVE stopped watching TV? I know a few who only have a TV to watch the DubVD trash releases.

    The GB are trying to make their 'mental' commune more restricted.

    It makes me wonder how Dubs dare even gfo shopping! Dare even talk to people on the field misery.

  • flipper

    LONG HAIR GAL- The WT society IS very desperate to keep control of their members. But it's true- they won't be able to control the younger members- only older members who aren't savvy enough to understand the Internet. Or are too fearful of using it.

    SHEPHERD- Poisonous snakes, poisonous mushrooms - as long as the WT society gets the word " poisonous " in there to indicate a dangerous Internet to JW's - they could get the same scare tactic effect using " poisonous " giraffes , babies, spiders, food- ANYTHING just as long as it promotes fear.

    DING- The GB would happily oblige Witnesses if they let them do all their research for Witnesses. Oh wait. That's how it works anyway

  • flipper

    OUTLAW- That's pretty funny ! Never thought of JW's as mushrooms ! The label sticks though. They ARE fed $hit !

    RETROVIRUS- You hit the nail on the head. The WT society's main fear IS information availability to Witnesses. Because the negative truths they hide in their closet will be exposed and WT society will then lose even more members !

    PUNK OF NICE- The WT society would probably prefer that JW's don't watch ANY T.V. or the news actually. They want Witnesses dumbed down so they can control them. And control any information they hear. I knew many jW's when I was in who didn't ever know wHAT was going on in the current news events. I saw that a lot as a Witness

  • factfinder
  • factfinder
  • factfinder

    Why then is the WT spending man hours and expense to publish literature on their websites? Isnt that a contradiction? They are making more and more use of the internet, but becareful how much time you spend using it... hmmm

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