Aug. 15th WT - WT Society Dissing Internet Again - All JW's Beware !

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  • flipper

    So , here we go again. We always know when the GB or WT leaders are nervous and worried about potential alleged " threats " to Jehovah's Witnesses - because they repetitively keep mentioning these perceived " threats " in talks at assemblies or in WT articles constantly.

    The " Witness only " August 15th WT is no different. In a non-study article entitled " The Internet - Making Wise use of a Global Tool " once again the WT society instills doubt and fear into Witnesses by " warning " them about use of the Internet. It states on pg. 3 " While the Internet can provide valuable information, save us time, and serve a useful function, it can also MISINFORM us, consune an inordinate amount of our time, and CORRUPT US MORALLY. " It continues, " Internet search engines might be compared to a legion of mushroom pickers who tirelessly collect all types of mushrooms- edible as well as poisonous - throwing them into a single container and dishing them out for us to eat. Would you start eating these mushrooms without carefully examining each one ? Of course not ! Internet search engines use a huge number of computers to harvest or select from billions of Web pages containing everything from the very best to the very worst. We need discernment to separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were, lest we POISON OUR MINDS with MISINFORMATION. " So let me get this straight - If I search the Internet and avail myself to being informed from a lot of information access it will be like eating poisonous mushrooms and I'll die ? Oh brother. Just another FEAR tactic used by the WT society to keep JW's from exploring the Internet and accessing information , if you ask me !

    Here's another fear mongering statement in the article. It states, " In 1993 a well-known magazine had a cartoon showing two dogs in front of a computer. One dog explains to the other : On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog. " Long ago , Satan hid behind a serpent to start a " chat " with Eve and told her that she could be like God. Today, anyone with an Internet connection can become a desktop professor, pretending to be in the know, without even revealing his name. And there are no rules on who can publish ideas, information, images, and suggestions. " Translation : If you surf the Internet for ideas most people are like Satan and will be there to mislead you claiming to be experts and PRETENDING to know what they are talking about - but really do not. Another fear tactic preventing JW's from searching the Internet.

    Bottom line here is the WT society once again is trying to stir up needless FEAR into the minds of Jehovah's Witnesses telling them they will DIE like eating poisonous mushrooms if they look at a lot of info on the Internet or SATAN will be taking over their minds like he, allegedly, took over Eve's mind by suggesting she think for herself. It's fear mongering at it's worst and just another tactic of the WT society to keep Witnesses controlled and uninformed. If ANYBODY should be called guilty of MISINFORMING the public - it's the WT society for sure.

    To get the message across visually they even show a picture in this article of a computer chord with a plug in and the shadow on the wall it casts is that of a Serpent or snake. If that isn't mind control fear mongering towards Witnesses I don't know what is ! As always I look forward to your takes, comments, and observations on this article. If someone would kindly post the picture I mention of the chord with the snakes shadow on pg. 4 of this article - I would be deeply obliged. Thanks again. A big peace out to eveyone ! Mr. Flipper

  • Mickey mouse
  • flipper

    MANINTHEMIDDLE- Your comment posted as a blank. Perhaps try again , perhaps ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Snoozy

    Most of the witnesses I know on the computer spend a lot of time playing "Farmville"..when they could be studying..or out in service..they also talk about their "wine " parties..where were these fun witnesses when i was one?..


  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    I suspect the Watchtower writers have been eating some mushrooms....the "wheeeeeeee" kind.

  • sinis

    Are you kidding me? They have the nerve to say that anonymous "arm chair professors" could be out there, yet they insist on keeping the authors of their literature ANONYMOUS??? Is that not the kettle calling the pot black??!!

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    I'm guessing that would be safe, though! I wonder how the watchtower researchers decide which mushrooms are poisonous or not? And what kind of gullible person swallows down information from people who don't know what they're talking about, without unbiasedly checking for evidence to back up the claim, or even questioning the person? Hmm.. (No prizes for guessing what I'm referring to.)

  • moshe

    I'll bet the writing department serfs have an Internet connection and they use it to find information to add to their stories- rather than go downtown to the local library and do research.

  • nugget

    They need to control the flock. In the past it was easy, in order to do research witnesses needed to go to a library and put in considerable effort. The society could rely on the fact that people were too busy or lazy to make the trip. The internet makes it far easier to do research and all their horrid secrets are easily accessible. As people become more cnversant with the world wide web the problem grows for them. They have to resort to scare tactics but whilst this may affect hard liners who barely use the internet anyway it is unlikely to stop younger ones who already flout authority and say one thing at meetings and do another thing in their private lives.

    I hope that people are curious and I also hope that the banned thing becomes attractive to them and they look out of curiosity. It is after all one of the life lines out there.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    The Ethernet Cord Is A Snake/Satan Incarnate illustration should be featured in a propaganda techniques manual.

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