A concerned JW wrote "mistakes will happen."

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  • orangefatcat

    mistakes will happen sure they do, like when they hid the fact the 23k persons have been sexually abused and kept it hidden and at the same time kept poking at the RCatholic church and its priests for their pedophilia or the fact that their has to be two witnesses to the molestation yeah mistakes will happen, or the hemophiliac's that have died needlessly. Or the blue babies that have died needlessly or the transplant victims who have died needlesssly and to the governing body's lies and deceit about their affiliation with the United Nation's and that they had to take the oath of allegiance to their country like all nations do that are affiliated with the UN and then they tried to blame on one dear brother. How utterly terrible and pathetic can they be. Lets see mistakes will happen to the tune of millions of dollars they will be forced to pay to victims which is good I hope they loose everything they own. I hope the rot in hell. They are worse then the churches the churches at least openly took responsibility for the errors of their ways. They didn't cloak and dagger them like the WTS, like who are they trying to fool. Our Lord Christ sees them so they can not hide. I would rather belong to a church then to them. If I die at God's hand for my choice then so be it, but first there will be a reckoning and we all answer to God in the end Governing Body or Anglicans and Catholic's or whatever. I take my chances with my Anglican faith and be a happy servant of our Lord Jesus Christ then a miserable JW'S anyday. The WTS and its GB may call me an apostate but in my eyes I never subverted the laws of God while in any kingdom hall or tried to cause sects or divisions or was i ever like a wolf in sheeps clothing. It was years later when I returned to the faith of my younger years. I feel no shame or remorse for my choices but if i were a JW'S I would not show my face at anyone's doorstep for the sheer shame of what the Wts has done to the lifes of so many innocent people.

  • scotoma

    If Jehovah is in charge there should be NO mistakes. Claiming human imperfection is "special pleading". The reason you want to be associated with a "spirit directed organization" is to be able to transcend human imperfection.

    Clearly, the fact that NO human organization is free of error and indicates that NO human organization is directed by some divine being.

    It's time for humans to realize that the more general conclusion is that there simply isn't a God.

  • redhare67

    Help me out here, what type of mistakes are they talking about--------- mistakes about there rules or mistakes about interpeting the Bible and Bible prophesy?

  • redhare67

    sorry, I meant "their rules" not there rules

  • Vanderhoven7


    <<I was wondering what mistakes you feel the JW organization is currently making? Can you name even one?>>

    Yes. I'll name 4 biggies

    Their unscriptural blood doctrines continues to result in unnecessary loss of life.

    Their unscriptural disfellowship policies continue to break up families and create fear and depression

    Their unscriptural and heretical gospel places an erroneous organization in the salvation formula

    Their unscriptural angelic Jesus cannot be addressed or personally related to.

  • factfinder

    Excellent points- especially by mr.quik, Scotoma and Vanderhoven7 ! An organization truly supported, backed, giuded and directed by God will make no mistakes.

  • daringhart13

    Even "worldly" publications print retractions.....have you ever seen the WT do that?? EVER???

    Even more important.....since they were clearly wrong about the "generations".....do they currently have a plan in place globally to go out and retrieve those people that we right about the 'generation'.....left over it, were slandered and called apostates?

    Has your congregation elders went into action to do anything humanly possible to retrieve these people that were validated by the 'new light?'

    Of course not..........

    .....and that is why they are reprehensible.

  • punkofnice

    Would concernedJW like to comment on this thread?

  • Alfred

    It's clear to me that the WT quite simply makes things up as they go along. When they're exposed on any doctrine, belief or practice, they use the "imperfect men" card and call it a mistake. I call it intentional deceit.

    The only mistake the WT continuously makes is forgetting to ensure that any of their "New Light" is not actually a flip-flop from a previously made up interpretation of scripture (like the Toes on the statue).

  • designs

    and God said 'Oooops'.

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