A concerned JW wrote "mistakes will happen."

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  • flipper

    So I guess if the WT society can say " mistakes will happen " - it's O.K. for JW's brought before Judicial committees to plead " imperfection " and say, " oh well, mistakes will happen " . In pro football they have an expression for this- it's called " offsetting penalties ". No harm- no foul.

    If you think the WT society would ever admit to mistakes and look at it this way- you have another think coming

  • Ding

    I agree that mistakes happen.

    The GB is just as fallible as everyone else.

    So why do JWs have to follow everything they say as if they speak for God?

  • talesin
  • talesin

    I made a post about an hour ago, can't see it,,, and then this blank one (above) popped up ---- I didn't post it! and when I tried to edit and write this,,, ERROR ..

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I was wondering what mistakes you feel the JW organization is currently making? Can you name even one?


    They continue to make the the mistake and/or false step of speculating over things the Bible says they shouldn't..............1Cor 4:6 says in part "Do not go beyond the things that are written"

    Past and present WT publications are infested with speculation after speculation. An expample is the date 1914 which does not appear any where in God's Word and yet they continue to speculate on it!

  • talesin

    Trying again...

    That thread was a 'step away from the keyboard' moment for me.

    Mistakes will happen ???? pffffttt!!!

    Tell that to the poster whose wife died due to the NO TRANSPLANTS, IT'S CANNIBALISM rule ... shortly thereafter, there was 'new light', and transplants were allowed. Oops, mistakes will happen. RIGHT!


  • mrquik

    Mistakes will happen. OK lets follow that line of reasoning. Who's responsible for the mistakes? If a JW concedes that the GB out of human imperfection is responsible should their doctrine be followed? Could not any religion make the same claim? On the other hand, if the Holy Spirit allowed them to make mistakes which cost lives only to reverse that decision, would not Jehovah God himself be bloodguilty? The only reasonable answer is that they are not divinely inspired now nor ever have been. Their arrognant, aloof attitude is so similar to the Scribes & Pharisees. I hope someone, somewhere passes this on to them. As for the rest of us, I'm a firm believer that neither the last generation nor the true religion have arrived nor will arrive in our lifetime. Until it does; Live Well.......Enjoy Life.

  • Kudra

    The guy on the lower left has a lot of fucking hair.

    (re Outlaw's GB pic)

  • Quendi

    I find myself in complete and total agreement with your thoughts on this subject, mrquik. Your life-affirming philolosphy is one I have adopted. I no longer have the false sense of urgency the WTS's lies and fraud gave me. I have cast aside the fear. I no longer am holding back from enjoying my life to the full to my betterment. I only wish that my friends and family still trapped in the WTS cult would awaken from sleep and do the same.


  • PinkPajamasx

    Funny thing about bringing up mistakes the WatchTower has made and their un-scriptual doctrines to my in-laws they both say, "well I don't know about that" and quickly point out Catholics mistakes. It doesn't phase me because I am no longer practicing. I wish I can get them to take a look at all I have discovered in their cult. I am careful to not make them think I know their religion is mind controlling but I do throw questions at them. Never ever do I get a straight answer, it's always I don't know and I have to make Jehovah happy. So sad, they are throwing their lives away on bullsh!t. My mother-in-law promised to sit down and listen but now she avoids any conversation. She told us, where else can she go. I wanted to shake her and tell her to Jesus ya blind fool but I held my tongue. As long as we are planting lil seeds like y'all say, she'll get there.

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