Atheist Fascism

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  • NewChapter

    And it's frustrating when they also try to infiltrate schools and legislate their morals.


  • bohm

    NewChapter, LKL: Im getting a definate Hitler-vibe from you two :-D.

  • james_woods

    Still waiting for linkable evidence of an authentic JWN Atheist Fascist thread...

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    tock ---

  • rebel8

    I remember a time, and maybe we all do, when discussions of topics I felt passionate about really bothered me if I had to listen to the opposing point of view too much. I was really uncomfortable. We all came from a cult that avoided disconfirming information. Developing thick skin takes years and years, and it's not just thick skin, it's not feeling upset and possibly threatened by different POV.

    Having said that, adults have a responsibility to be polite and not bossy about what to think or do. That type of bossiness can also be characteristic of cultism, because there is only 1 right way to think and act. I think it's poor boundaries to give adults advice unless they're asking for it (which is sometimes hard to determine in a forum like this).

    Again my compulsion to be a peacemaker has manifested. I enjoy the OP's posts and hope she will continue to post here.

  • Berengaria

    But the one thing that really pisses me off most about them is their churches, rallies and organizations are tax exempt.

    So are most, if not all, of the Atheists orgs and rallies, though, so I fail to see your point?

    Wow! Can you point me to one of these myriad atheist orgs and rallies??!! That sounds like fun!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I majored in political science so I damn well know about facism, atheism, and the rest. Also, in recent years I've read widely concerning the English church troubles with Henry Tudor. The Spanish Inquisition was occurring.Actually, by those standards the Witnesses are not cultish at all. In fact, I suppose every person in this thread knew what the terms meant.

    Your point?

  • NewChapter

    Are you asking what my point was for posting definitions? My point was that we throw words like facism around at will when we don't like what people have to say. They confuse bombastic and sometimes insulting speech for fascism. Just like they often call Obama a Nazi etc. I was also pointing out that with the history that christianity claims, perhaps we should use a bit more care when throwing such terms around.

    A strong argument, even an insulting one, is light years from being a fascist. Most of the atheists I know are vocal because they feel they are bullied by christians that try to legislate their agenda. We still have Sunday laws---why? So they get a little push back and suddenly we are fascists. Disgusting.


  • NewChapter


    I thought about this post and just wanted to say, my disgusting remark was in reference to the laws. I just got to worrying that it sounded like I was saying that about you.


  • Highlander

    You sure have thin skin for an attorney.

    Better run, the atheists are coming to a door near you!

  • transhuman68

    Have a Tim Tam.

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