Atheist Fascism

by Band on the Run 101 Replies latest jw friends

  • talesin

    Would you like some cheese with that whine?

    I can think of a couple of pushy, what I consider to be rude, atheists on JWN, but BOTR, aren't you being a tad dramatic?

    You're one smart womyn, and anyone who would belittle you for your honest search for truth is just plain and simply, an ass and not worth listening to. This atheist would never behave in such a shoddy fashion to one who is so obviously sincere in her quest for meaning.

    I think godrulz' spamming got a few folks riled up and sick and tired of fundy-itis being rammed down our throats on every thread. He was a SPAMMER, which is why Simon deleted him.

    Give it till Monday, and we'll be back to normal,,, whatever the hell that is!!!

    xo, and don't let things get to you,,, your some kinda alright, and you can dish it out too, lady


  • Curtains

    I hesitated to make a comment on this thread because I wasn't sure about the connection between the title "Atheist Fascism" and your opening post BOTR. Although perhaps it is my understanding of what fascism means that is defective.

    Other than that I have a lot of respect for believers and having been a faithful believer for many years am quite eager to test my new found ideas here on JWN. But lately I haven't felt the need to join atheistic discussions against believers feeling that I am past that stage.

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