Could you eat breakfast after watching this at Bethel?

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  • Violia

    I felt like barfing after seeing this but thanks to the timely reminders of the wts, I now know I should always wash my hands after I go to the bathroom.

    dear gawd how incredibly boring

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I grew up in a 'Bethel Congregation' and was constantly 'encouraged' to seek bethel service as a goal in life...

    On the other hand, my wicked, evil WORLDLY father wanted me to go to college more than you could imagine. I was a great student, very scientifically minded.

    In the end, I chose I guess what could be described as 'the middle road' although it favored WT nonsense entirely. I pioneered right out of HS much to the disappointment of my dad. From all the Bethelites I knew in our congregation, I knew bethel wasn't for me.

    After watching this video, I WISH I HAD GONE TO BETHEL!


    I believe if I had, back in 1980-something, I would have looked at this CULT BULLSHIT and said GET ME THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!!

    At that woulda been that.

  • doinmypart

    "Does it thunder when God speaks today?" You have got to be kidding me! Where did these questions come from? Bethelites? Unbelievable!

    (around the 11:45 mark) After talking to Jehovah and a lot of throat clearing, Swingle has a long pause...everyone at the dining tables is on the verge of picking up their eating utensils...stomachs are growling as they anticipate eating the meal sitting inches away, and at the very moment you think Swingle is about to conclude the whole tiresome affair, he says, "Its very good to see what's happening in Europe..." ...and then he's back to talking to Jehovah. Everyone was thinking, "Damn we're never going to eat."

  • tenyearsafter

    The most incredible part of watching this was to realize that intelligent people like our ex-Bethelites here on JWN sat through it, and I suspect in many cases, nodded in agreement!! Ain't brainwashing a wonderful thing?!?

  • discreetslave

    The first time I met Swingle I asked how he was doing his answer "How do you think I'm doing? I'm still alive"

    When I was there Swingle would end early so we got extra time to eat. The waiters had to scramble since they never how soon he would end.

    Losch morning woship was torture. He'd ask a question then give 3 possible answers. 8 times out 10 he'd say well none of these can be the answer and break down the incoorect ones then explain the correct one. BLAH BLAH BLAH Losch always went over, so we were shoving food in our mouths as fast as we could. My first Losch morning worship I threw up my breakfast on the way to work. I had eaten too fast.

    I liked Couch & his homo rants. I always looked forward to Sydlik putting his foot in his mouth with some stereotypical comment.

  • d

    This was painful to watch

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Scary boring. I think I would have passed out and and drowned in my bowl of oatmeal.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Marking for tomorrow. Morning worship sucks. I got to do one days text comments, and of course found out I was on my way to Cameroon, all while being filmed from the dining room of Patterson.

    I have no problem in saying that the dining room of Patterson sucks as far as I am concerned. Glad to have moved on.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I wonder what would happen if someone just started eating?

  • talesin

    It's hard to imagine living that life for years, and makes me feel very sad for Bethelites. I have a cousin in TO bethel,, at least to my knowledge he is still there .... one more wasted life.

    I thought Bethel was a creepy place when I visited at 14,,, except the Press Room was cool .... same for the farm ,,, like a bunch of zombies.

    Now that I know how y'all were treated, uggh,,, all I can do is say, sorry you were so used/abused like that!


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