Could you eat breakfast after watching this at Bethel?

by Dogpatch 70 Replies latest jw friends

  • Joepublisher1

    Oh my goodness! Thanks Randy for posting this. It's a real eye-opener! I can't believe you guys were subjected to this - you deserve some sort of metal for putting up with that crap! It's so boring! And, I thought VERY unprofessional. Your site FREEMINDS is going to help a lot of JWs see their way out the door of this cult!

  • Gayle

    wow, cult classic, that's interesting that your table group was mostly so much fun. I was for a long time with a career Bethel head, his wife, no fun either, always serious and took herself extremely serious, the table foot fella in love with Bethel, and 6 young boys, who hardly ever talked, very rarely smiled, slept through morning worship (no blame there for sure), always tired and now I know actually depressed.

  • designs

    'undercooked scrambled eggs' and Knorr ranting, can we pass a hat and take up a collection for counseling

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Gayle, yeah my husband and the guys at our table were complete nuts. It was definitely not the norm.

    If your table assignment isn't a good fit of personalities, it gets the day off to a horrible start. The table head (should that be capitalized? lol) can really make Bethel a nightmare if he wants to. And if he's a pansy and his wife doesn't like you? Look out!

  • Ill wind blowing
    Ill wind blowing

    You disappointed me, Dogpatch. I thought I was going to be seeing a tirade or some Bethelite getting flogged. Besides, I don't like eating cold food.

  • Mary

    I couldn't get the video to come up. Jehovah must be blocking it or sumpthin.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I remember morning worship prayers and how some brothers wsould use this to impress others.

    1 time this brother gave a fukcing prayer and started in the garden of eden and walked it up to present day.

    I was hoping they would take the mike from him and beat the shit outta him with it.

    After he was done with his speech a tablemate said dryly Geez I hope jehovah learned something from that.

  • leavingwt

    cult classic makes a good point. Each table was unique. On average, I would swtich tables every six to nine months. (You could do this by simply writing to the Bethel Office/Home Office and ask for a change. You really didn't have to state a reason.) When I was at William Malenfant's table, it was pretty nice. I also enjoyed Izaak Maraih's table. (sp) Others, not so much.

  • Girlie

    I think I would have found a way of skipping morning breakfast in less than a week's time of being there. I couldn't stomach the thought of having to sit through such monotonous drivel every freaking day.

  • leavingwt

    Girlie: Once I had past the five-year mark (which gives you a little more wiggle room), I would miss at least two days per week. I would casually stroll down to 'Cranberries' and get an excellent bagle and coffee.

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