I'm new here..... Studying with the Witnesses

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  • moshe
    I love the Watchtower and Awake and to me, none of that seems crazy.

    Only X-JWs look at the OLD WT magazines, JWs have no use for them- here's a dandy one from 1980- strange, but everyone on the cover is now dead!

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Just want to welcome you and sum up being a JW with this one simple phrase:

    No other religion ask so much of its people and gives so little in return!

  • moshe

    -and here's a real oldie from my collection- July 1st 1920, with an underlined study article that proclaimed the latest "new light"- Millions now living,Will never die! ( nice crosses on the tower, and upper LH corner)

    Yep, it (Armageddon) was supposed to happen in 1925 and WT President Judge Rutherford said the Bible guaranteed it was going to happen.

  • dm6

    i mean come n man! wake up and see it for what it is! fair enough it took some of us YEARS to see it! To the Joeys, they think that recording your hours on a peice of card is serving god and the amount of hours you have served for God. lets get the fact straight once and for all. You are counting your hours you have served for THE CROTCHTOWER. and nothing more.

  • dm6

    watch and learn my friend, watch and learn.

    Nuff said.

    Also please please please read 2nd JOHN 1:7

  • ocd

    welcome Penelope

    I like you enjoyed the literature. And your right if everyone followed some of the direction the world would be a better place. But please carefully consider advice given here.

    I started studying about 15 years ago and it seemed to be just what i needed. But,once you're in and are baptized OH BABY! Please listen to your husband. I'm in the biggest turmoil because of still being in. I have friends in the organization that i truly care about but WILL no longer have if i leave,and i will leave. It's like being in a bad marriage that an individual can't seem to escape. And believe me because i have become inactive in field service and no longer in the theocratic ministry school i am looked done on. I'm really not trying to make this about me. Please listen to your instincts.

    The people here really do care....in my opinion.

    I wish the best for you and your husband OCD

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    PenelopePaige:Yeah, I think maybe some Baptists give credence to demons but the church I was in never mentioned it and I never believed in them or even thought it was wrong to play with a Ouija board as a teenager. Someone should have warned me! Anyway, after we had our encounter, (which was very scary- basically we had an encounter with a "being of light") I asked my Baptist uncle about this and he just shrugged his shoulders, which really bothered me because I expected him to have some answers, something! And he just shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. So that bothered me. And when the JW's came along, they actually had some answers for me! Which made me think they understood much better.


    That is very common, for someone not to be satisfied with their religion to come into another, there are many situations like that. The country were I was born mainly consists of roman catholic dominance, my grandparents were not satisfied with their religion, someone told them that the jw bible is different to all others, she converted when a jw brought a lot of different bibles and shown her that they are all the same. Yet when I did my research I found the exact opposite.

    JW's have an answer for everything and they say it with up most sincerity, they are not saying things which they dont really believe and are trying to trick, they are people that believe in the lie therefore the lie becomes the truth.

    At a very young age I was living in a house filled with poltergeist, lights switch on and off, things move around by itself etc. My mum already a JW told me that the previous house owner invited satanic current, this is true the previous owner was a witch (most catholics there practice occultism, I recall at high school a group of students and the priest playing the ouja board), my aunty gave a book study to a demon possed man, occultis literature warn of the dangers of using the Goetica to summon demons, so yeah I believe you.

    But does this mean what they say is true, some things they say can be true, I still dont believe in hellfire, but does that mean that they are completely right? There are other religions that warn about demons, there are other relgions that dont believe in hellfire or that jehovah is not God Jesus and the holy spirit.

  • Twitch

    in the immortal words of the imitiable thespian Arnold Schwarzenegger, "Go, run!"

  • umadevi

    Hi PenelopePaige, welcome!

    see, you may think that there is no harm in just being a bible student without commiting yourself but take it from me it's just a matter of months before you get sucked into the organization.

    I had the same thought too when I first became a bible student . I thought I will never ever gonna go house to house to preach. Ten months later I was an unbaptized publisher going door to door and I was baptized a year after that. Now I am out for good. Not that I did anything wrong but I have come realize that the WBTS is nothing but a cult. Please read Ray Franz's Crisis of Conscience and Steven Hassan's Combatting Cult Mind Control before you decide anything. Best wishes!

  • Quarterback

    Hi Penelope, and welcome.

    Just keep your eyes opened. Ask the questions that concern you. Make sure of the accurate meaning.

    Don't be swayed by emotions, and take your time to do the research so that you make your own conclusions.

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