I'm new here..... Studying with the Witnesses

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  • Retrovirus

    Hi PenelopePaige and welcome!

    I can relate to a lot here. I've had an unexplained experience that affected me profoundly, and I've also "studied" with two very pleasant and sincere jw ladies. Since I failed to make satisfactory progress, I'm now "bad association" and very rarely see them.

    My take on "supernatural" events is to regard them as "unexplained". Science has taught us a great deal but there are still unanswered questions and always more to learn. And as with Sizemik's example, something can affect us profoundly at an emotional level but have a simple, prosaic explanation.

    The jw literature is easy to read and seems to provide authorative answers - at first glance only. Here are a few aspects you might consider when you could be persuaded by any source of information:

    Does it persuade or provide a balanced perspective? Is it complete? Are all reasonable objections addressed or only the "easy" ones?

    Are sources given for quotes? (and not just Bible quotes). If they are from authorities, are they authorities in that exact field? Are they representing the mainstream viewpoint?

    Is it objectively written or is the language loaded? (eg, "honest hearted people will. . .opposers deny. . .)

    If the Bible is quoted as an authoritative source, which version is used? is the quote in context and applicable? If the bible itself is "infallible", why does it have internal contradictions?

    Most important of all - keep thinking,learning and questioning. The wt will not want you to do that, but if we don't grow, we stagnate. . .

    Best wishes and hope you keep posting,


  • InterestedOne

    Penelope - Thanks for sharing more info about your situation. In your previous post, you wrote:

    they actually listened and gave a very plausible explanation.

    Forgive me for pressing, but can you articulate 1. what exactly their explanation was, and 2. why it was plausible?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi Penelope.

    Welcome to the forum.

    I suggest you get a decent spotlight to carry in your car. A farm worker is probably dining out on the night he scared the shite out of some tourists when they spotted his harvester, or whatever it was he was driving at the time.



  • the-illuminator81

    Hi Penelope.

    As someone who has been raised in the religion I want to give you this advice. Run away. Now. Don't get caught in a cult that will control your every thought and behavior like it did for me. It took me 27 years to wake up and another year to build up the courage to leave.

    Don't. Get. Sucked. In.

    Don't play with fire..

    Don't waste your life. Run away.

    And at the risk of repeating someone else, please read jwfacts.com, it has so much fantastic information.

    It's a dangerous mind control cult. They already are beginning to get a hold on you. The fact that everything seems so great and nice is because it's a cult, they show you their best side until you're in, and then it's all over for you.

    While you're at it, compare the literature with some good old communist or nazi propaganda. Especially North Korean propaganda is very similar. All happy smiles and faces, wholesome families enjoying picnics in nature, etc etc. It only seems good because any negative comments or pessimism are forbidden. There is no freedom in the cult. Soon you will lose confidence in yourself, start doubting yourself, and you become a slave. Before you know you can't have private thoughts anymore unless they are condoned by the leadership.

    Try and view this movie and see if you can find any similarities with the watchtower society (WTS):


    And before you say, oh but they won't make me kill myself, think about the blood doctrine, where people have to refuse taking blood transfusions and end up dead. Or about people who refuse to get a political party card in Malawi and who were cruelly raped, tortured and murdered and could have avoided if only they bought this silly little card. Or about conscientious objectors who got shot dead, and could've avoided if they only spend some years in service. The WTS will ask you to kill yourself. And if you don't stop your study, you will be ready to give your life for them.

    Don't do it!

  • Concerned JW
    Concerned JW

    Penelopepaige you do realise this is a ex-witness site? no one on here will have a good word to say about witnesses and a lot of hearsay, exagerations, lies (they call all religions and beliefs in God cults on this site). Also a lot of emotionally loaded stories to put you against the witnesses. Jehovah's Witnesses are about bible truth they do not claim to be perfect. This is closed forum there is no way for Jehovah's witnesses to defend themselves on it, please remember that.

  • InterestedOne

    Concerned JW wrote:

    in this closed forum there is no way for Jehovah's witnesses to defend themselves

    It's not a closed forum.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi Concerned JW. Welcome to the forum.

    You are welcome to demonstrate, especially using WT literature, that claims made here are unrealistic.

    If we are out of order we need to be corrected.



  • Concerned JW
    Concerned JW

    Not closed in the sense that people are stopped coming on here to defend witnesses but look what happens now I have defended the witnesses. The sheer weight of numbers on here against Witnesses stops it being a fair debate forum. Therefore this site is very one-sided and closed against Witnesses.

    What about using the bible? Black sheep why do you say wt literature (what does that even mean)? Jehovah's witness literature has to defer to the bible every time. It is not claimed to be perfect and mistakes can happen in literature that is only a support for the Bible truth.

  • mrsjones5

    But you're here now so have at it. Enlighten us on the "truth".

  • pedal power
    pedal power

    Hi PP, Im so glad you found your way here, had the internet been around 20 years ago, I would not have became a JW.As Ex JW,s we are almost universal in our disdain for the Watchtower Org, as you can see from the many posts here, however scratch under the surface , and you will find as much, if not more diversity as any place on the Web, and no bad thing too.

    A few posts back Judge Dread, alluded to the fact that if you were not New here , you would be subject to more ridicule, and he is,s right, but if that happens dont be deterred from examining all possibilities, including The spirit realm. Again you have to remember that for many if not most on this site, or any other site for that matter, what you have experienced is pretty far out ! so in a sense, it would be unusual if you didnt get a ribbing would it not ?

    As an ex Dub, I do believe in the spirit realm, It stems from my life before, I became a JW, 0ne very nasty experience I once relayed in a talk at the Kingdom hall, It had a couple of elders fall of there seats in shock, so while the witnesses you are " studying " with are accomidating to your accounts in the private setting of a " study ", You try spouting that stuff from the Platform and its a whole different ball game. What you believe resonates with me, No life after death and spirits attempting to con mankind to believe otherwise. However keep in mind that there are thousands of wacky religions, out there not just JW,s. Now to the meat of the matter, Jehovas witnesses ,They will feed you any crap in order to get your free labour, for as a baptised witness, thats all you are, and ever will be, a source of free labour, to a multi-international publishing Corp, based on lies, and worst of all as a women ,you would be the lowest of the low. Stay here a bit and get things resolved, We fight and sqaubble here like any big family.from one PP to another PP

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