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  • NewChapter

    Hi- I just wanted to say that I have been checking the website out for a few weeks and have read some horror stories and some sad ones. But I have been studying with Witnessess for about six months and can't help but feel that they're completely sincere and maybe even, the true religion. I love the Watchtower and Awake and to me, none of that seems crazy.

    Penelope, this is called indoctrination. The people you study with are sincere and don't even realize they are doing it. Think about the study structure. Read a paragraph, answer a question. It all seems very logical and complete. However are you award that one of the techniques learned in the ministry school is to ask questions specifically designed to lead you to THEIR conclusion? This is powerful, because once they get you to put it in your own words you think the conclusion is YOURS and therefore valid.

    I was very good at this. I was sincere. I could ask you a chain of questions where only one conclusion was obvious and it came from your own mouth. I thought about writing out such a scenario, but then I remembered this video. It's humorous, but really think about it. How are the questions asked and how is the conclusion drawn? Is there another possible answer?


  • Chariklo

    When things of this nature defy explanation, it becomes very easy to attach an apparently reasonable explanation to it . . . but it can still be wrong. That the Witnesses have been able to offer such a plausible explanation has played quite nicely into their hands. Try and maintain at least a degree of scepticism. Demons may not necessarily be the answer . . . in spite of it seeming to make perfect sense.

    That's good advice from Sizemik. But I was hooked by your tale of the light and the cornfield, Penelope! I agree with Rocky Girl. Sounds like UFO's to me! (I have actually seen a UFO, about 33 years ago, witnessed by several others.)

    Interesting thought: does anyone know what the WT teaching on UFO's is, if any?

  • wannabefree

    You have to try and separate Jehovah's Witnesses the people from the religion. The majority of the people are good people, but they are ultimately controlled by the religion. They may be loving people, but when push comes to shove, the religion dictates how to show love and who to show it to.

    Follow the words of the wiseman Noddy Holder ... Run Runaway


  • punkofnice

    Welcome to the forum Penelope. (I don't really look like my gravata by the way).

    You want to study the Bible. Good for you.

    Well, sadly it isn't the Bible you are studying with JW's, it's actually the watchtower's OWN interpretation of the Bible you are studying. Ultimately, you are studying the watchtower NOT the Bible.

    The watchtower & publications use 'hypnotic language' and propaganda techniques to fool the reader. I kid you not. PLEASE VIEW THIS----->


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    Found Sheep

    seeing if this works?

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    nope broken????

  • palmtree67

    Hi, Penelope!

    I was a born-in JW and I was soooooo sure that I had gotten the BEST bible education in the world, just by being a Witness!

    I've since found out that I actually knew very little.......

    One of the things I love about this forum is it's a great source of information. You can ask any question and gets lots of answers to help you. Many people provide links to other sites or articles, in answer to your questions.

    I think you'll really like it here!

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    this is a test I wonder if I will be able to see this once it gets to page 4? I have had threads do this to me before?

  • Rocky_Girl

    I love that Monty Python skit! "She's a witch! Burn her!" is a common response around our house to illogical arguments. It is a great way to end a debate that has descended into ridiculous bickering. Of course, we are all pretty laid back and can laugh at ourselves.

    My favorite part - Let's build a bridge out of her!

  • NewChapter

    Well I'm able to post on this thread in firefox---it's the only thread with a problem.

    The Witch video---Love it. But it's more interesting how he used leading questions to bring the people to a conclusion. When he was done it was absolutely obvious, yet it was ridiculous. This is how WT study works. There is only one logical answer because you have crafitly been led to believe such. They make it hard to see any other option, but that doesn't make it right. Witches aren't made of wood, no matter how much sense it makes after skilled questioning.


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