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  • PenelopePaige

    Hi- I just wanted to say that I have been checking the website out for a few weeks and have read some horror stories and some sad ones. But I have been studying with Witnessess for about six months and can't help but feel that they're completely sincere and maybe even, the true religion. I love the Watchtower and Awake and to me, none of that seems crazy. But the stories I've read here and other places are so different than how they seem to be when I study with them. So I'm torn. Although, I did visit the KH a few times and felt uncomfortable. I just didn't like it at all. Maybe it's because I was raised Baptist and it was so different from what I was used to. Anyway, I was just wondering, can I continue on with the Bible Study and not be sucked in or is their some point where there is no return? Because in the end, I surely don't want to become a JW. Not after all the damage I've seen done to families. Plus, I love Christmas.

  • sizemik

    The people here have almost to a man and woman, spent many years in this religion as you may well have discerned. The study arrangement is an indoctrination process so sweetened, it seems like all you ever wanted . . . it's not.

    It's a deception on a great many levels and it will hurt and damage you too. The earlier you make a clean break the better . . . the longer you linger, the harder it gets

    My advice is RUN . . . RUN for your life.

    If you want to investigate the true nature of their doctrine and practices . . . try these websites . . .



    And welcome to the Forum BTW . . . you've made a wise step.

  • dm6

    Hey and welcome

    Others here will give you more insight, i only studied for a year myself and was never baptized, but all i will say is, man im glad i never went through with it! Just so you know, once your baptized, its not like you really have much of a choice with the preaching etc. and you like christmas, as does the rest of the world, but hey you will have to forget that too! or on the other hand you can stilll celebrate it!!!! the downside is if you get caught by anyone who is a witness you will be told on and disfellowshipped and/or reproved, then shunned by your so called new family! some freinds! remember...Jesus says to watch out for false prphets and the watchtower IS a false prophet.

    The disciples were asking Jesus how would we possible know if they are a false prophet whoever claims to be? And jesus says simply, if what they prophecy does not occur, you will know it did not come from God.

    The watchtower has predicted the end times several times and now try to cover it up. They will all DENY it but it is true. Do your research friend!

    this is just one of a million embarrassing lies from the watchtower.

    Remember friend, would Jesus SHUN people ? Absolutely not, in fact the opposite. he died for them, the very people who killed him!

    ill stop my rambling, others have much more insight than me.

    Well done by the way for commenting! its good to get answers from both sides like i did! (Jw's and not Jw's)

    Peace and Love


  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    Penelope, welcome!

    I'll give you the Cliff notes; others will probably go into more detail:

    Anyway, I was just wondering, can I continue on with the Bible Study and not be sucked in or is their some point where there is no return?

    No! That point is called Baptism.

    Plus, I love Christmas.

    Get ready to forget about it. No Christmas or any other holiday celebrated or allowed.

    Please, please do 180 and run as fast as you can!


  • dm6


  • cantleave

    Hello Penelope, I was brought up a JW, stayed in 42 years, served as an MS or elder for the best part of 2 decades.

    I really suggest you read Crisis of Conscience by Raymond Franz and Captives of a Concept by Don Cameron.

    PS you have a PM!.

  • discreetslave
  • PenelopePaige

    Thanks so much for the responses! I was pretty sure that they were just "love bombing" me and I was liking it! They have been SO NICE! But then I think, "Would these same lovely women actually ignore me if I were to, say, celebrate Christmas?" It seems impossible that they would but I know that in the end, it would happen. :(

    I really do like the literature though, and it seems to be good stuff. Like, if everyone lived that way, what a wonderful world it would be. I just can't believe the same people practicing these things could also be cold to disfellowshiped friends and family members. That sucks.

    My husband is begging me to stop the bible study and even though, I want to learn my bible and do enjoy the study, I think I will end it. Don't want to get sucked in to any craziness. I think the only reason I listened to them in the first place is because my husband and I had a very "Supernatural" encounter a few years ago and I've been going crazy trying to figure the experience out, and the JW's are about the only religion who seems to give credence to demons, which is what I'm afraid we encountered. So I've been more apt to listen to them.

    Thanks for the responses! :)

  • Kahlua

    Welcome to the board. I was born in - 3rd generation. It was all I ever knew growing up so it took me a long time - about 30 years - to start questioning anything. Keep up your research. Read 'Crisis of Conscience' by Ray Franz. (You are not allowed to read it later after you are baptised into the Watchtower organization.) There are several others to read too but I think this one should be first.

    Many of the JWs truly believe they are doing God's work. They do not realize they are working solely for a publishing company. They do not see how controlled and even brainwashed they are. They accept every change in doctrine as new light directly from God.

    During your studies ask them direct questions. One topic per week. Do your research first so you will already know the answer. You will see their true colors when you start questioning them. Also read up on their history. Most JWs have no idea of their true history - I didn't. A good place to start here is the 'Best of Topics' on the Home Page. Don't be surprised if they stop the study after a few weeks of your questions.

    Leonard Miller (Fatfreek on here) did an excellent paper on Flip Flops which I love. He wrote it a few years ago so it does not include the recent generation doctrine change.

    Here is the link - http://users.oeccwildblue.com/millerlr/PivotalYear1988SodomGomorrah.pdf

  • shel54401

    Welcome Dear,

    I am also knew on here, and the People have been wonderful. They are correct when they say "RUN"because I too at one time was a study, and 10years later it was very hard to leave.. This cult has you by the tail once agreed to study. I would find a whole new study group in another place, NOT w/ JW"S...There mind controling and before you know it, you too will be controled..there studying is just a way of gaining your trust, then getting you in...

    PLEASE, PLEASE RUN and don't look back, you will lose your family along with so many things includeing Jesus.

    Good luck to You, and God Bless....

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