Never, ever posted to a site before-Scarec silly

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    PTN -Welcome. Hopefully you can find some peace here.

    My wife has accepted me after a few years of tension. I still go to some meetings, memorial, and convention, but she understands it is a Family thing for me not spiritual. I have never tried to change her mind about being a witness, but she asks me what I'm thinking and I tell her. What about 586? What about what Russell taught about Armageddon? 1874? 144,000? Most witnesses will admit they are not sure about many JW points if confronted with them, but it must be very subtle. Asking for advice on this forum is a great way to get started.

    Peace to you


  • nugget

    Welcome to the board. I read your post with interest it is nice to know that you feel that you received some benefit from being in the organisation however it does not follow that being outside means that you will automatically turn to drink, drugs and promiscuity neither does it follow that your children must stay in to live good lives. Since leaving I have met many people who are self sacrificing, charitable, loving and considerate of others. People who are non judgemental and kind. Not all people sleep around and not all people outside the organisation have STDs that is what the society teaches us to believe and it is a lie.

    I was a witness for over 40 years and I was bringing up 2 children as witnesses and I ultimately left for them. As witnesses they were robbed of normal lives, they were constantly isolated by the choices we imposed on them and although we tried to make their lives happy, field service, meetings and study meant that although we were together we were not really spending time with them as people. Having left they have the opportunity to make friends who are not conditional on a belief system, they can join groups and clubs that build their self esteeem and skills. They are moral, well balanced individuals as a result. As their parents we actually spend time together talking, laughing and learning as a family.

    It is also worth considering how some of the choices imposed on us by the organisation are actually detrimental to our children. They are taught from early on to put others ahead of themselves, not to have pride in their achievements, to give control to an organisation, not to pursue goals outside the organisation, to belittle their skills, to judge others, not to pursue education and careers and to put life changing medical decisions in the hands of poorly educated men. They are told that these things are what God wants but really it is not the case.

    People here are often damaged by this organisation which displays the worst attributes of group think. They have been treated very badly and they realised they were lied to by people claiming to talk from God. It is little wonder that they are less than complimentary.

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    God bless nugget.

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    Posting here was the best thing I could have done. I can finally express myself. We don't all agree on things but that's reality. The differences in thought is a good thing, very refreshing, it helps one to see things from another angle.Being a JW puts filters on your eyes & mind. The world is a wonderful place despite the bad. I see God's goodness in that no matter what the devil does good things flourish. An atheist has a diffrent way of seeing it. Yet we will agree that life lived with the freedom of choice is key. Most make the choice for good.

    If they had the truth they wouldn't be afraid of places like this. When discussing my doubts with the elders one of them made a true statement "You can't resist apostate websites it's impossible" To me this revealed a lack of faith in the true God and confirmed that people will flock to where there is truth. There is truth here. The JW world is a sham. Did you ever see the movie The Truman Show? Watch it and everytime you see a protestor pop up think of us trying to help you realize you're living a lie.

    Stay here awhile read, post, reflect. Read the suggested books so that you can process everything without the JW filter then be able to make a better choice.

    Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan/ Crisis of Conscience and In Search of Christian Freedom by Ray Franz/ Captives of a Concept by Don Cameron


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    Welcome to the board.

    "as I'm happy that being raised as a JW, I never felt free to blow my mind with drugs, blacken my lungs with smoking, or become a spermbag with some incurable veneral disease. "-- I wonder if jw's such as yourself realize that non jw's find your attitude offensive? It is. I am a non jw and I can assure you the vast majority of the population are not drug addicts, sex perverts, promiscuous, etc..... They are more often than not nice people ready to lend a hand to anybody. They are good moral people who do not neccessarily feel superior to others who raise their children to be good people and that they have a moral obligation to help their neighbors, unlike the jw's.

    Have you attempted to read the Bible (not the NWT) all by itself? without the litter-ature of the wt? Start with the New Testament, read all the way the way through like a regular book and see where that takes you.

  • cantleave
    God bless nugget

    Which God? The one that will happily put her husband in eternal firery torment?
  • sizemik

    Welcome to the Forum PaintedToeNails . . . .

    I never felt free to blow my mind with drugs, blacken my lungs with smoking, or become a spermbag with some incurable veneral disease. I want my kids to have these restrains too.

    You have always been free to do these things really . . . but you have never "felt" free to do them? . . . Does it really require an atmosphere of guilt and fear to make wise choices . . . or simply some sound thinking to make you feel this way?

    Many young ones who leave in their youth do succumb to these things . . . but often it's because of the naieve and artificial state induced by the WT lifestyle. Constant reference to them as they grow can even arouse their curiosity. Would they not also make wise choices if fully educated rather than motivated by guilt and fear . . . it may not be wise to rely on the WT to protect them from these things . . . it doesn't work for a great many of them. You sound like a great parent . . . educate them.

    It seems from your previous posts that you no longer believe the WTS has and teaches the irrefutable truth . . .

    Yet, I ask, what else is there to believe in?

    Ask this first . . . am I content to believe in a lie? . . . Is believing a lie better than believing nothing?

    Take your time with this . . . and be very careful about voicing your doubts . . . you can do that here.

    Well done on having the courage to post . . . You don't have to believe all that you read here either.

  • TotallyADD

    Welcome to the forum PaintedToeNails. Hang in there and listen to the good folks on the board that have given you good advice. It is all true about the fact that so called worldly people do have morals. Not like the JW cult tells you. As a fellow born-in I feel sometimes we have the hardest time in trusting people who are not JW. They are just like anyone else. Look in your own hall. Who are the ones you would trust and who are the ones you wouldn't? It is the same outside the JW cult. I know the JW cult likes to make it out they are superior over everybody else but the simple fact it people are poeple everywhere. Just use your common sense on these matters. Boy this weekend how many new ones have come on. It must be the heat. It is great you are waking up. My wife Reopened Mind and I would like to personal welcome you to this board. Looking forward to more of your post. Totally ADD

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    Welcome to site!

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    nancy drew

    welcome relax take some deep breaths and everything will be fine.

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