Never, ever posted to a site before-Scarec silly

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  • designs

    Yes welcome, get acquainted see if this is a good fit and if you get some questions answered. All the best.

  • TD


    This is part of their lies and brainwashing techniques used to keep you at the KH.

    Yes. It's actually quite insulting when JW's in a group say things like that right in front of an "unbelieving mate." (Like me)

  • NewChapter

    Yet, I ask, what else is there to believe in? Can complex life forms evolve from non-life, on a planet so priviledgedly placed-I am invoking the "Priviledged Planet" moniker here

    Painted--this is a great question! One that deserves a looksie. Now that your critical thinking skills are revving up, use them to do some reading. When I was a JW, I would read these things with my opinion already in stone. Now I can read them and really weigh the evidence and not simply dismiss them before I understand. I would be delighted to hear your conclusions. Believe it or not, not everyone in the "world" even believes in evolution. The important thing is that they have the freedom and confidence to draw conclusions.

    Also walk softly with godrulz. He is a pentecostal that was never a JW and has no family or friends that are JW's. He has called us ignorant and simpletons and views this as his own special "territory". Just a heads-up. I went to an ex-pentecostal site and those people are truly suffering. They may even suffer a bit more than us since their religion included hellfire teachings, speaking in tongues, and constant fear that they would be struck dead by their god. At least we aren't dealing with that.

    I hope you keep asking the questions and then have the courage to find the answers. It makes life so- - - wondrous!


  • 3dogs1husband

    I was scared shitless the first time I posted on somedays I question how worth my family is to go thru the hell I am trying to fade. But overall best dam thing in my life was saying Hello Here!


  • talesin

    ((TD)) that has gotta be soooo hurtful.

    I know, it even hurt me when my parents would say "Oh, we'll use so-and-so's business... he is a JW, so we can trust him." grrr My friends have helped them so much in the past ...

    So, they were betrayed and ripped-off by my foster brother (MS and LIAR),,,

    And my BIL (an accountant and MS) ripped off quite a few businesses and financially ruined the life of a really nice man (elder in our congo) who then lost his privileges (further destroying nice brother elder) because the elders thought it was 'suspicious' that he was in business with my BIL (even tho that nice man lost everything). BIL was DFd,, and actually went to jail as it was a criminal prosecution.

    But oh yes,,, they are more trustworthy than us... but to have your children sit and listen to that ... goddess, man, you have my greatest sympathy.


  • ABibleStudent

    Welcome PaintedToeNail and Hugs. Since JWs only make up about 0.01% (7,000,000/6,000,000,000) of the worlds population, I wonder why there are not more druggies, loser gamblers, and people with lung cancer? I suggest that you read Raymond Franz's books (e.g., "Crisis of Conscience") and Steve Hassan's books (e.g., "Combatting Cult Mind Control") to free your thinking from "What else is there to believe in?". Reading those books may help you resolve your problems and doubts and future conflicts in your family. I am glad that your oldest child will be going to college. Unfortunately, if your oldest child learns to think critically, he/she may awaken and not want to be a JW. What would you do if your eldest child was Df'ed?

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • ThomasCovenant

    Hello and thanks for posting.

    Your mother is correct. Keep thinking. You cannot 'think' and be a JW.

    Just remember, 99.99% of the world's population are not JW's. Not 99%, 99.99%.

    They don't all, not by a long shot, smoke, take drugs or do any subsidizing with vaginas.

  • Hortensia

    well, no one says you have to leave the org. right away, or ever. If you don't mind feeling hypocritical for the sake of your family, your choice. You are struggling right now, the thing to do is relax, do some reading, think things through. Don't rock the boat until you're ready to take a stand. It may be that attending the KH is the price you pay for keeping your family whole. If it's worth the cost only you can decide.

    However, I have to tell you that once I left the wtbts, I found out that the world is full of wonderful people. I think there is just as much corruption, deceit and immorality inside the congregation as in the world. It's something JWs tell themselves so they don't have to think about why a loving god would murder billions of people for the sake of a problem he created in the first place. If you think the world is solely populated by evil people you won't feel guilty about their deaths. But if you find out they are just as nice and decent and good as anyone in the congregation, you might begin to question how loving your god is.

  • Retrovirus

    Hello and welcome, PaintedToe Nail!

    I'm a non-jw with some family in the org, and also "bad association" because I didn't progress well with my "Bible" study.

    However! I'm a also drug-free, VD-free non-smoker who raised my children equally healthy in mind and body. I can relate to the "addictve personality" thing - I enjoy good food rather too much, and that means a lot of exercise!

    It's great to hear that your child will go to college!

    I'm very sorry to hear you were abused as a child, and am sure that going out in service on Christmas must have been a nightmare.

    I know some genuine, good people among the jws and I'm sure there are some good things to be found in the religion. I wish they would let me be a friend; I'd be entirely happy to avoid any contentious subjects.

    I respect your courage in reading and posting here. Remember, truth has nothing to fear from examination and discussion.

    Hope you stay around, Retro

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    as I'm happy that being raised as a JW, I never felt free to blow my mind with drugs, blacken my lungs with smoking, or become a spermbag with some incurable veneral disease.

    I was surprised to find that most people on the outside do none of those things.

    Its a lie they use to scare and control you.

    You are perfectly capable of making your own life choices


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