Never, ever posted to a site before-Scarec silly

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  • moshe

    Baby steps that's the ticket here. You will figure it all out soon enough, so don't stress about anything, PTN.- and welcome.

  • shel54401


    I too am new the site, and I must say, the People on here have all been where I once was, and its so refreashing tosee ones gather together and share their stories which has helped my remain strong in the fact I had left about 10 years ago, and also being involved for over 10years in this dangerous cult. My dear your fears are real because this is what the organization wants so does SATAN,remember Satan mixes truth w/ lies, and you have many concerns..Stay on here and your fears along w/ concerns will slowly drift away and PRAY to God and JESUS that they take all this from you

    Something lead you here, and it was NOT SATAn as the organization has instilled into you, I beleive it was GOD and his SOn whom has lead you here, so take full advantage of this place sweetie, things will start to fall in place, after all it didnt take you over nite to become brain washed and your mind given to the organization...YOU must go through the steps as we all have, and depression and dought is all a part of these steps, but they are what they are steps, once past them you can move forward into a WONDERFUL Full FREEDOM of peace of mind and have Your own mind back, and You will see thiings as never before seen..This is a start, it only a matter of time before you gain the real truth, not manmade false truths that they have instilled into you..DON"T allow SATAN to win, keep moving forward, and you will see..We all didn't get here overnite nor was it easy for anyof us to leave and never return, although once you find out the truth and you feel the real betrayl that has happened to you, you will have NO desire to enter Satans place of worship again..

    Read the stories of all whom struggled to get where they are now and ask them if it was all worth it? NOTHING GOOD ever Comes EASY and this is no different..I Pray for you that your eyes may be widened much more each day w/ out the fear of man, Jehovah already sees your post, do you really think he is upset w/ you for questioning and your concerns? Hes a loving, careing GOD why would he feel anything but LOVE for you? DID you ever stop and wonder if this was gOD"S way of helping you get out of this dangerous false cult? Just think for a moment...Could this be? YES!

    Don't push GOD"S loving hands away, take him by the hand and leave him guide you, BUT you must also do your part.

    God bless and I wish you much Luck Huggs shel

  • barefootmarley

    i did have some good times as a jw. i also think that it helped me and give me a moral compass. i am not a drug addicted, diseased shell of a man. i am no saint either. there are some good jws. there are also hypocrites. all religions can have the same thing said about them. i understand the moral delimma you are facing. you need to meditate upon your beliefs, cross reference them with your bible and form opinions for yourself. a pros and cons list if you will. i hope that you find what you are looking for and make an informed well thought out decision.

  • PaintedToeNail

    Hi again everyone, a little more clarity in order I guess. When I was in high school a zillion year ago, my graduating class was filled with knocked up girls. I remember seeing a couple 'doing' it in the woods surrounding the school, clearly visible from the path leading to the street (they must of been freezing by the way, Minnesota is cold!). I was approached to do drugs by girls in my neighborhood. As an adult, whilst DF'd by the way, I was involved in law enforcement...quite the awakening as to a broad scope of 'worldly' people...I really love cops, prosecutors, DEA agents-one heck of a job, no respect, lousy hours, crying over the little assaulted kids and trying to sort out what was done to them because their idiot parents refused to tell them the correct names of body parts, dead bodies rotting in overheated rooms, crappy pay... I came to realize most people would be happy to screw you over given the chance. I trust very few people after that eye-opening period of time. Being a reasonably attractive woman, I had several boyfriends-and was involved intimately with them...during those years. But the big difference here is I was in my mid 20's!!

  • Lozhasleft

    Hello and welcome. It would appear that you have seen the two 'extreme' sides of the coin. The morally rigid WT life, contrasted with a good glimpse at the seediest side, as one involved in law enforcement. In between these two there is a 'normal' healthy average lifestyle. I've found that a great majority of people trust their consciences and act in humane reasonable ways. The WTBS damns everyone who is 'worldly' but its a fallacy. Yet another piece of propaganda to keep the bros and sis locked in, psychological of course, but so powerful it may as well be balls and chains.

    I hope you keep thinking and I hope you help your child/ren to be free - meanwhile, stay safe.

    Loz x

  • thetrueone

    Seekers of truth come here, they usually find it.........WELCOME

  • Ding

    Welcome to the new one on this thread!

    Glad you're here!

    Feel free to share your doubts and talk them over here.

    If you prefer to discuss some things in private messages with specific JWN members, feel free to do that as well.

    You access PMs by clicking on the little envelope in the upper right corner. Sometimes you get an error message. When that happens, try it again.

  • kazar

    Welcome, welcome, welcome!

  • carla

    I understand your view of the human condition being in law enforcement however I have friend who also is in law and her views are quite the opposite of yours. In fact a perp saved her life once. Could be how you were trained to look at 'other' people, being a jw. Often we find what we look for instead of what we wish for. If you believe all are bad and filled with satan that is exactly what you will find.

  • PaintedToeNail

    Carla-I don't thing I was programmed to think bad about everyone as a child. My mum is always defending everyone. Rather, I think it was just time and seeing things for what I feel they are. I'm glad your friend's life was saved, that was really great. Your friend must be an optimist-lucky girl.

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