Logical Questions to Make Them Think?

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  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    @Rockygirl - you're a girl after my own heart!!! We're living parallel lives!!

    @Mickey - Loving the one liner answer

    @Chemical Emotions - brilliant!

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    @Sapphy - like the "if the WT said that 1914, etc" - reminds me of a question I put to a sister while we were still in - I asked her what she would do if the Society said that it was now ok to celebrate birthdays? She replied that she wouldn't celebrate them! I also asked my best friend once what would it take for her to see that the organisation didn't have Jehovah's blessing? She replied that the numbers of the annointed would stop decreasing. Conveniently she's forgotten all about this as the number is now coming up!

  • Rocky_Girl

    sweet pea - I was thinking the same thing! My hope is that something (or a combo of all) that I say will cause her to soften up a bit in her heart. I will keep my fingers crossed for both of our moms. ((hugs))

  • simon17

    "If Jehovah has had one organization on earth since the days of the apostles, why didn't Brother Russell find it and join it?"

    "Does this mean Jehovah now has two organizations?"

    Yes, but they are overlapping

    (Duh ... )

  • jworld

    For older ones with years in the Truth, the constant "putting off" of THE END, which is always right-around-the-corner, is taking its toll. The new overlapping-generation doctrine is confusing and many JDubs that I know secretly feel it will be adjusted again

    Since I don't go meeting the only person I talk about WT Doctrine is with my mom. This subject has come up over the last few months...Last week I said its obvious the WT doesn't know what the generation is at this point and my mom agreed! I was a bit surprised. I know she believes it will be adjusted again also.

    In her case though she doesn't believe that that is an issue though. She still thinks the end is very close. Hell it may be. I just wish at some point I could make the connection that the WT's obbession with the end (and commenting on biblical prophecy that they have no business commenting on) has stumbled way more people than its helped and that is their serious sin. Now that I am entering my 30's, our relationship is getting better. I wonder where the discussion will go next.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    I know she believes it will be adjusted again also

    Sounds like a good time to lead into a discussion on 'Spirit directed' and comparisons with other doomsday religions, Harold Camping, etc..

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    MAD SWEENEY - (sorry for the delay...) I believe it was a speaker on Friday, who mentioned it in his talk and again in the concluding prayer.

    The other speaker was Sunday. Both were from bethel.

    I think it's the cognitive dissonance trying to sort things out for the true believers with 2014 just around the corner. To them, it's better to think we're a century in with 900 to go than this thing ain't ever getting here.

    You're right, I think it is a new 'undertanding', maybe they're trying it out with the 'local crowd' here in bethel territory.

  • godrulz

    We will not be in the Millennium until after Armageddon and the visible Second Coming of Christ. Does WT not understand simple chronology in the Book of Revelation? When Jesus returns, we will know it (unlike 1914 farce of invisible return with world still in a big mess). Jesus will also be ruling from Jerusalem with the Church, not an aloof, absent Deity high in the sky.

  • jwfacts

    Hi Sweet Pea, I hope everything is good with you.

    Apparently, Kangaroos and Koalas built canoes and paddled across to Australia shortly after the flood. That is a great question to raise, as a literal global flood is easy to disprove from many angles. Ironically, it also requires a JW to believe in evolution. There could only be several thousand animal species on the ark, but there are in excess of 3 million on earth - (just 4,000 years later?). This cannot be accounted for without a belief that animals can evolve, such as through mutations, quite rapidly.

  • JamesThomas

    I'm with you, Sweet Pea.

    What greater "evil" is there than the mass murder of men, women and children? Yet, the god of the OT did this over and over again, and threatens to do it again...in the billions.

    Most all JW's are far more understanding, compassionate and loving to do such a thing, yet they worship as the "most loving" a creature who would.

    Jehovah should be worshiping them...as their love is far greater than seemingly Yahweh could ever comprehend. It's all so crazy and insane.

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