Logical Questions to Make Them Think?

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  • Rocky_Girl

    My mom made the statement (again) the other day that if there were only JWs on the earth, we would not need government or money and that there would be no homeless people or hungry people. I deviated from my usual arguments - what about the governing body, won't they take charge from heaven? what about the fights that exist right now between the congregations that share your kingdom hall, will they magically stop? and, anyone can see that, if over 99% of the population was gone, food and resources would be plentiful for a while - and said, "That didn't work out so well after the flood, did it?"

    She stopped and looked at me with a blank expression. I asked, "Didn't He destroy everyone except the faithful ones - 6 people - and humans still went back to evil ways within a few generations? Wouldn't the same thing happen if everyone but the faithful were destroyed tomorrow?"

    Of course she said that Satan led them astray. So I asked if that meant that the humans could not stay faithful to God unless there was no temptation present. She wound her way around a bit before conceding that WT policies - mainly the chaperone for all dating couples - suggested that faced with temptation anyone would sin.

    So, I asked, "Does that mean we would be just like Adam and Eve and fail the test of loyalty if Satan tempts us?" She said no.

    So I asked why God had to destroy Satan. Couldn't we just not fall into temptation? She said no, God has to destroy Satan to make the earth a paradise. Satan would destroy paradise.

    I asked, "By tempting loyal, faithful people?"

    "well... not everyone can withstand temptation."

    "So, wouldn't it be better for God to keep Satan around to thin out the riff-raff who can't stay faithful under hard times?"

    Horrified!! "Angela! Are you suggesting that Satan not be punished for all the harm he has done?!?"

    "I am suggesting that Satan hasn't physically done anything. Humans have performed all of the actions that you attribute to Satan. I would never punish my older son for the actions of his brother, even if he told him to do it, because my younger son knows the rules. He should obey them regardless of what his brother says. Should Satan be punished for simply telling people to do something wrong, when the people knew God's rules.

    If the JWs can't keep from sinning if Satan is around, should they be considered faithful?"

    She just shook her head, but I could see that I made her think about the whole idea of sin and faithfulness. She is pretty stubborn so I am sure she will hit back with something next time I see her. It has taken me a while to get her to the point that she will even discuss these things with me - the evil apostate - so I don't push too hard.

  • designs

    Smart daughter....

  • bigmac

    why not simply ask them--

    "are you 100% convinced everything the watchtower society teaches is correct" ?


    "are there any WT teachings you dont fully understand?--perhaps i can help you with that?"

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    If the people in China who don't hear the Kingdom message will be judged for survival purely on their heart condition, why should people in the western world be judged on their reaction to a message brought to them by JWs?

  • Sapphy

    What, exactly, is the difference between spirit-directed and spirit inspired?

    Why are there so many diferent breed/types of animals - Noah couldn't have gotten them all on the ark! When they come back with, well maybe he took an original pair that then became all the different types you can then say WOW, really? You believe evolution happened faster than evolutionists do! (I also used this one in conjunction with the kangaroos in Australia question).

    If the society was to bring out new light that actually 1914 has no particular meaning in the stream of time, would you believe it?

    If the society was to bring out new light that actually the paradise is in heaven, would you believe it?

    If the answer is 'yes' - "So what of your current beliefs wouldn't you change?"

    This is fun. "Reasoning from reason - questions that work"

  • Rocky_Girl

    I have asked my mom what she would do if the WT changed their view of blood (right before the blood fractions became 'ok') and she parroted the light gets brighter, yadda yadda yadda.

    Then I asked what she would do if the WT changed it's view of Jesus' ransom sacrifice. She said they wouldn't because it was clearly stated in the bible.

    So the blood doctrine isn't in the bible? - Not as clearly as the ransom - So then, you could be disfellowshipped for not following a doctrine not clearly stated in the bible?

  • DesirousOfChange

    So the blood doctrine isn't in the bible? - Not as clearly as the ransom - So then, you could be disfellowshipped for not following a doctrine not clearly stated in the bible?

    Angela, EXCELLENT REASONING that could be applied to almost any "doctrine" since most are "not so clearly stated in the Bible".

  • moshe
  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    I haven't use this on anyone yet, but I never understood it and NO ONE has explained it. I can't even find it in the watchtowers library.

    Why did jehovah kill David's INNOCENT baby, after torturing it for a WHOLE WEEK with a sickness.

  • godrulz

    There is no magic bullet, but I wish....(Jesus is the crux of the matter at the end of the day).

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