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  • Cameron_Don


    Here is a sample of how the book reads...

    The Best Way to Get Along With Jehovah’s Witnesses

    "When it comes to the Bible, Jehovah’s Witnesses view themselves as the teachers and everyone else on earth as potential students. The only time they view themselves as students is when "God’s organization" is the teacher. Therefore, the best way to get along with them is to

    let them be the teachers ."

    "Remember that it isn’t a matter of trying to teach them that they are wrong but rather that they may teach themselves the truth about their organization’s history while they are in the process of teaching someone else about it."

    The book offers some suggestions on how to go about placing them in a position where they may teach themselves the truth about their religion.

    Don Cameron

    – Romans 2:21

  • cantleave

    Tuber, a big welcome from another Atheist and unfortunately, an ex-JW.

    I agree with the above post re: Captives of a Concept, it follows a logical approach that leads the reader to the inevitable conclusion that there is no way the witnesses were chosen to be god's representives in 1919.

  • Ding

    If you have a list of WT false prophecies and doctrinal flipflops of which she may be unaware, one approach might be to tell her that you have heard that the WTS has published certain things over the years that trouble you but you don't know if the critics are quoting the WT accurately, that you wonder if she would check things out for you and get you copies showing what the WT REALLY said.

    Then give her a list of items along with the citations. Thank her for helping you find out the real story.

    I'd keep the list to about a half dozen items.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    How old are the kids? They are the vulnerable ones. Old enough that you can talk to them privately? How deep are they in?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    Religion, and particularly cults, like to play on ignorance and obedience. One thing they demand is that you never research any criticism of the sect. They also demand that you unquestioningly follow their specially-inspired leaders. There's a saying that if you can't question the teachings without facing consequences, you are in a cult. Also, truth doesn't fear critical examination under the brightest lights. Falsehood will run and hide while still professing to be "the truth".

  • Velour

    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Definitely keeping it to a question and answer format will be best. Pick out questions on topics she's interested in, topics that seem to have drawn her into this cult. It looks like from her post that she's retaliating against the lies and actions of one religion, her past religion maybe, and also has an interest in these "signs of the last days" (Matthew chapter 24 is where they get the bulk of these signs)

    It's hard to get someone in this cult to look at the past actions of it. It's especially frustrating if she's more than willing to look at the past actions of one religion to condemn it but not this cult.

    For an adult going into this, it's near impossible to turn them back. Unlike young children who trust parents and adults, leaving them vulnerable to indoctrination, they willingly suspend their urge to question and choose to be lead along with feel-good pie-in-the-sky lies and love bombing. I would focus on helping your younger siblings develop critical thinking skills at this point.

    Sorry you're here with the rest of us, frustrated at our families living their short lives inside a d*mn book publshing cult. Welcome, nonetheless.

  • straightshooter

    Welcome to this forum. I liked your comment Billy about what a cult is. Jws want you to question other religions but definitely not theirs.

  • Lozhasleft

    Hello and welcome...I hope you can persuade your stepmum to read Crisis of Conscience for herself. That might stop her in her tracks.

    Loz x

  • rebel8

    If people took the time to read what God says in the Bible and not the insidious things that religious sects including Christendom are teaching

    My suggestion lies in utilizing the above. The New World Translation is available in full online. Quote from it exclusively.

    Tell them they've inspired you to read the bible.* (Which is true.)

    Periodically quote an evil or weird scripture and ask them what they think about it. Don't get discouraged if they have answers for the first few or dozen. You will get them thinking whether or not they admit it.

    Here is a good list of scriptures. Take the time to look up the NWT version so you can quote it instead of other versions. They think their bible is more accurate, so they will be more disturbed by what it really says.

    *Be prepared for a possible visit from your local dubs, sent by your relatives. Don't answer the door.

  • jwfacts


    When you say they are being indoctrinated, I take it that they are not baptised yet. In that case there is a lot more chance that you can stop them getting involved, than trying to help them after baptism.

    You need to urge them to research both sides of the religion prior to baptism. Get her to read Crisis of a Conscience. She may say it is an apostate book full of bitter lies. Say you are reading it and are confident she will find it very interesting.

    Let her know you have been doing some research, and the religion displays some disturbing traits that you would like her to consider, based on it being a high control religion(

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