Help Please. Mother says she can prove I will die using the bible alone, no WT literature

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  • cantleave

    If she insists that the bible is referring to the Watchtower Society ask her to prove it.

    Why was the WTS chosen in 1919?

    What unique teachings were they disseminating in 1919, that are still considered truth today?

    What did Russel really say would happen in 1914? If she she's says that he predicted that Christ would come invisibly ask what happened in 1878?

    If she can't prove that the WTS was chosen as god's channel of salvation, it doesn't matter what the bible says, it is irrelavant to her argument.

  • MrDarkKnight

    Cantleave you make good points. The interesting thing is that the WTS teaches that Christ inspected the congregation in 1918 (there is not one scripture that supports this date) and the WTS were the only ones practicing "truth" (who's truth?) and standing out as different. The problem is that in 1918 the WTS still celebrated birthdays and Christmas, still had the cross on the Watchtower, some members actually joined the Army and not everyone was preaching house to house as they say in necessary.

    So please tell me, what exactly makes them better than every other Christian religion at the time?

  • dozy

    What right does anyone say that someone will die? What I would tell her is that ultimately your mother isn't the judge - God / Jesus is (from a Christian viewpoint). If his criteria is that people will be saved by distributing Watchtower society literature , then so be it.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    just let her make her case. the question is not if you are going to die (you will, eventually, just like everyone else), but what "the truth" really is. no matter if you still believe in the bible or not, the JW religion is not "the truth".

  • shepherd

    Don't worry she can't PROVE anything - if she said she could PROVE Santa ia real because she has a book that says so, would you believe a word of it? Of course not. The Bible is just such a book, used to prove the exixtence of one of it's characters. It has no validity.

    However, you are going to die. It could happen at any time and place. That's life my friend, we all die, so stop worrying about it.

  • carla

    Your not going to let her use a NWT are you? jw's always say all Bible are ok to use, they prefer the NWT but make her use a different one! She cannot prove what she is saying by using the Bible. You have no worries. Brush up on a few things, check out some Christian sites or go to CARM and read some jw/Christian discussions to get back in practice.

  • jwfacts

    Wow, nice mum. You are going to die, so is she. You don't need a bible to know that.

    She will probably use two lines of reasoning.

    • If you are not in Jehovah's organisation you will die. So prove the Watchtower is Jehovah's Organization.
    • Everyone that calls on the name "Jehovah" will be saved. That is an interesting argument, as you can then show that the New Testament does not use the word Jehovah, the NWT has dishonestly added it. Romans 10:13 read in context is applying to Jesus not Jehovah.
  • undercover
    You are going to die, so is she. You don't need a bible to know that.

    That was my first thought. You are going to die...just not the way she thinks. But she's the delusional one. She thinks she might live forever, or at least be resurrected to live forever.

    Do you really want to try to reason with someone that delusional?

  • Jim_TX

    Good thoughts from everyone. Not much that I can add.

    I like the poster who recommended using a different bible than the NWT. If your mom is going to prove to you something from the bible - it shouldn't matter which translation is used. You pick one up from a neighbor or friend - and use that one. Or should I say - make your mom use that one.

    Isn't there a scripture that talks about one not judging another? It appears that your mom is judging you as being worthy of death.

    Oh - and I'd point out to her that both of you will die - and she will probably be the first to die, since she is older than you. As it has been from the beginning, so it shall be until the end. You will mourn at her passing. This may actually get her to thinking... or not.

    Of course... you could also tell her that since you don't believe in the bible anymore, it would be pointless to use that as a point of reference. She might have a heart attack though... so maybe not a good idea.

    Good Luck - whatever you do.


    Jim TX

  • leavingwt

    She is right. You will die. We're all going to die. Every human who has ever been born has eventually died -- so far. Still, wee're the lucky ones. Most people are never born.

    I cannot count the number of JW funerals that I've been to. Believe it or not, JWs die, too.

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