Help Please. Mother says she can prove I will die using the bible alone, no WT literature

by scooterspank 49 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • jgnat

    How about offering that you've adopted a new way of studying the bible, which includes reading each scripture in context to glean it's full meaning, and finding confirming scriptures. (No one scripture should stand on it's own). I't not hard to read in context. It means reading the verses before and after and asking yourself what the author intended.

    The bottom line is she can't know what happens when you die. No-one on earth is allowed to know that.

  • serenitynow!

    Just do what I did with my mother. I told mine that if it turns out that the JWs were right all along, and Armageddon does come and I am destroyed, well I am OK with that. I'm at peace with any possible consequences that may occur. That'll take the wind out of her sails, and then you don't have to think up any scriptural arguments. I don't believe in jehovah or that the bible is inspired so why go through the trouble of debating about it?

    Anyway, based on my last conversations with JWs about paradise, paradise is going to suck royally, what with no TV, movies, planes, trains or automobiles! Yeah, and no meat! Oh, and now they're saying there will not be any sex in paradise either! Just hanging out with lions all day, eating fruits and vegetables and living like Laura Ingalls. I'd much rather die in Armageddon!


    She`s right..If you let her..

    She will try to beat you to death with the Bible..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • NewChapter

    Serenity--no sex at all? Not even amonst the Armegeddon survivors? When did that change? Even Adam and Eve got to have sex.

    I remember an article that said that even after Armeggedon meetings and assembiles would continue so we should work on the habit now. All I thought was SHIT. I'm with you. I'd rather die.


  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    adam and eve had sex outside paradise. the "make a baby" kind of sex at least, not sure if they did some kinky stuff before.

  • itsibitsybrainbutbigenoughtosmellarat

    Ah crap! I would have never guessed mom would think that :)

    Oh yeh all witnesses beleive that!

    Read "Love Wins" by Rob Bell it may not be right but it will open your mind to other possibilities.

  • Paralipomenon

    You could agree, then sit down and ask to read a scripture first.

    Matthew 7:1-2

    Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    Then ask her if Jehovah has revealed to her how he has judged your heart condition, because he is the only one that can.

  • serenitynow!

    Yeah, NC. I guess my persistent questioning of several JWs who were saying there would not be sex or babies in the paradise is what finally got me kicked off of yet another JW FB site. I tried to tell them that that viewpoint was completely illogical. For one thing I told them that god totally created humans to have sex for pleasure. The clitoris' only job is to provide sexual pleasure, that's it. It doesn't have anything to do with making babies. And really, how can you call it paradise if there's no sex? Not a paradise I want to live in!

  • Rocky_Girl

    I'm with Paralipomenon. There are several scriptures that say that only God can read hearts and that only He can judge us to be righteous or unrighteous. The best part of this defense is that it is in line with JW doctrine, even though it does not show in their policies. (df'ing, marking)

    Let her say what she will, then show her those scriptures. My mom told me that she wasn't judging, that the bible condemns the evildoers. I pointed out that the bible is an inanimate object and could not condemn anyone; that she was making that call based on her interpretation of the bible. Then, I told her to relax and let God do his job, judging our heart condition, and just focus on her own salvation. Finish off by asking her if it feels less stressful to lay her burden (of judging you worthy of death) on Jehovah. My mom said yes...

    This is a much easier approach than trying to discredit her religion or her holy book. Good luck!

  • ambersun

    Scooterspank, I agree with Ignat. I can guarantee that your mother's 'proof' will consist of vague scriptures taken out of context. They will be cleverly made to appear as a warning to you of your impending doom, but if you insist on your mom including the verses before and after, (maybe the whole chapter), the meaning will be totally different and she will lose her 'proof'.

    Good luck with that

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