How should I respond to a JW friend? (Australia)

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  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Just have a thought about your "messages" - if you see an ad saying "you have 1 message" it IS advertising, not a function of the board. The little blue envelope on the top right hand side of the screen does not tell you that you have a message, let alone how many. You have to click on the little blue envelope to see IF you have a message. When you see the messages page, it will tell you WHO has sent you a message and the title of their message.

    As far as responding to her, just be honest and tell her your thoughts. JWfacts has plenty of info you can use if you wish to use it.

    Best regards,

    BP (a fellow Aussie)

  • Tuesday

    I find using examples from other religions is always a good starting point. I made a video a little while back about if a follower of Harold Camping ever discussed beliefs with a Jehovah's Witness, I'm sure you can figure out how to turn this into a conversation with your friend. Just make sure they're agreeing with you as you go.

    "Have you watched the news about Harold Camping... wouldn't you agree he's a false prophet? And the way he just changed his story at the last minute after his prediction proved false to it happening invisilby, could you ever believe someone who did that? Isn't that the same thing the JWs did in 1914? I'm having trouble understanding why it's OK for JWs but not for Camping to do the same thing?"

    Here's a link to the video:

  • summerinvincible

    Broken Promises - thank you! Yes, that's exactly what I was seeing (advertising, not a message). Dur, I should have realized that!!

    I thought the envelope meant there was a message - problem solved :)

    Actually she did mention the whole Camping thing when I mentioned it on my Facebook. She basically quoted a scripture from Matthew and said "Fear-mongering, how silly" and in relation to JWs changing their story in 1914, she has written to me "We learn from mistakes and don't continue to teach incorrect things like others do. Increased knowledge often requires adjustments in one's thinking. Witnesses are willing humbly to make such adjustments"....

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Camping is also making humble adjustments to his teachings.

    Ask ..... Does that let him off the description of a false prophet? If not, why not? If yes, tell us what she said. I would really like to know.

    Camping, after his failure, claimed that the event did happen, but was a 'spiritual' event. Invisible. Google camping rapture and look for an article to quote. Ask if the Watchtower has any claims that have 'invisible' fulfilments?

    They have, but don't tell her that. Let her make statements, then come back here and tell us what she said.

    .... and remember .... she might be easily frightened off .... be gentle


  • william hahn
    william hahn

    Good Aussie thing to remember Summerinvincible - you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink.

    Heres a suggestion to you that can slow down the whole Bible study program because there was a CO bragging about someone becoming a witness in just 19 studies of "What the Bible teaches book?" .So go slow look up the scripture in Mathew 7:24 read it with her and tell her you want to build your "faith" in Jehovah and his visible organization (that tells her your a potential team player as your expressing acknowledgment of the Watchtower society) a block of knowledge one at a time.Assure it may take alittle longer but your faith will be stronger - no one can argue with that.

    Follow other excellent examples posted already but the key will be to make the friend do heavy study on just one point.God willing she will see the water of truth and maybe you have just started to save her life.Remember if they are wrong and we are right then we are obligated to help them see the real truth.Nice thing this way is you dont have to count time a be judged by others just save as many honest hearted people you can.


    So just go slow and dont be rushed because thats their goal to bamboozal you and before you know it your taking a bath clothed in public.

    Good luck and as stated before please let us know how you go and sound off any questions or thoughts because you are not alone out here in the "world"

    Sydney Australia

  • summerinvincible

    Thanks so much Black Sheep and William Hahn, and everyone else too.

    My friend actually lives about a 3 hour drive from me, which is a good thing, so we don't have to have any in-person conversations!

    Everything is done by email so I can take my time with it.... but so can she. She knows that I'm an agnostic (ex born-again Christian)...

    Bit of history about us.... We have known each other since we were 5 years old, in school. We're now both nearly 35.... I grew up a Catholic and then my parents converted to Pentecostalism (which became wacky in its own way) and now I'm "nothing". My Dad actually used to have "discussions" with her Dad! They just threw Bible verses at each other, from what I can gather. Her Dad has since died, and now she's freaking out that he's gonna "wake up" and find that half his family aren't there...

    Just a question - what do JWs believe happens to non-JW babies and young children at Armagedddon?

  • summerinvincible

    Oh "Tuesday" - I just watched your video.... It's awesome! Hilarious... love the pot and the kettle. And the message is spot on.

    Ok here's what I wrote:

    "So, turns out that Harold Camping (the guy whose "judgement day" prediction I posted on Facebook) has given an explanation as to why nothing eventuated.
    He stated that May 21 had been an "invisible judgment day".
    Does the Watchtower have any claims that have 'invisible' fulfilments?"

    When I get a response, I'll post it here.

    Thanks again!

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Just a question - what do JWs believe happens to non-JW babies and young children at Armagedddon?

    They die too. The WT reasons that their parents are responsible for them, and if the parents aren't followers of Jehovah, and don't raise their kids to be JWs, then the children will die along with their parents.

  • Snoozy

    I have some JW friends in Australia also..I had a few discussions with the married daughter and when I made a good point on a subject she would answer that their religion isn't perfect..when I brought up the child abuse she replied that men aren't perfect and God (Jehovah) will judge their hearts..(meantime they can continue to do what they do?)

    So their answer when confronted with something they can't argue down is " They (the witnesses) aren't perfect..and god will take care of it.Copout answer!


  • summerinvincible

    They die too. The WT reasons that their parents are responsible for them, and if the parents aren't followers of Jehovah, and don't raise their kids to be JWs, then the children will die along with their parents.

    Wow, that is truly disgusting. I find it interesting that in one of the publications I was given, they say that a loving God wouldn't condemn people to an eternity in Hell..... but killing babies is AOK, apparently. Even if this were true, I wouldn't want anything to do with a God who massacres the innocent. Pffft

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