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  • sizemik

    Yeah to that Room 215 . . . 'Apostate' in JW world has a whole new meaning that bears little resemblance to the original. They've re-coined it for their own exclusive use

    Few who leave that cult are true apostates . . . more like normal folks who eventually smell a rat and defect from it

  • fresia

    JWF said...People stay in for the sake of family. This is very common, and the more I learn and more people I talk to, the more I feel most congregations have people in this situation. My heart goes out to them, as it is a terrible situation to be forced into.

    Since Holy Spirit does not reveal these people, it is a good indication that God is not directingt the congregations. There is even a book about a disfellowshipped mother that got reinstated purely for the reason to help her daughter see it is not the truth.

    Totally agree with you, and I have found so many are unhappy.

  • wasblind

    Maze stated:

    "With a few exceptions, it's been my experience in 30 years being associated with the Christian congregation, that if a person is not in the Truth for the right reasons, they're not there at all."

    Hey Maze, What is the "right" reason for being in this religion ?????

    there are more people than you think in this religion for the wrong reason, which is for (Family)

    if it wasn't for their family members they would be long gone

  • metatron

    Welcome to the REAL Truth about the "Truth" !!

    The Organization is NOT "Clean" at all! It is loaded with corruption and private disbelief. Why?

    Because of the disfellowshipping arrangement! The Watchtower Society's heavy hand in regard to disfellowshipping Produces an outcome that is the precise opposite of what the lying Governing Body claims! It keeps "apostates" and "infidels" within the Organization and UNABLE to get out!

    But these "Sons of Bernie Madoff" , who run the Watchtower want pretense and the appearance of righteousness. Why else would they intensify their efforts to baptise CHILDREN - who cannot make an adult decision or dedication to God? Why else would they keep pushing the 'scoring' of more hours in the "ministry" when it is obvious that it is wildly ineffective - and often, just faked?


  • ballistic

    Well put it a different way, we here have seen members returning to the borg for "family reasons" - people whose eyes have been opened. Once you've taken that blue pill (or was it the red one?) then there is no going back mentally, even if they do go back. This is caused purely by the Watchtowers own shunning policies.

  • wasblind

    So true Ballistic

    Metatron, your words are like gold

  • Mad Sweeney
  • leavingwt

    Exhibit A: JW Apostate attending meetings.

    Exhibit B: Believing JW participating on apostate Internet forums.

    Is this a pot/kettle thing, or just a wee bit of irony?

  • wasblind

    Leavingwt, you are most certainly on a roll today

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Maze is Spade. It's a troll.

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