JWs Not Allowed to Post on Websites?

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  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    Stand Firm just PMd me his pic. He said I could post it and that his name is Burt.

  • Pika_Chu

    Hi Standfirm. While the Society doesn't exactly say to stay off the internet, they worn JWs about internet "dangers." Most of the time, this means apostate websites. I think you should know that this website is overrun with apostates (hint: I'm one too). Just know that you are posting here at your own risk. It wasn't too long ago that I thought like you and I began to explore websites like this. And, well, look how I ended up. So, you have that to think about. Now, I noticed you said earlier that the elders and the society aren't going to micro-manage your life, and I respect that. If it doesn't violate your conscience to be here, then that's fine, let's talk more. Trusting your trained conscience versus trusting in imperfect men with authority is a sign of maturity and reasonableness. Good for you then. But I also have to warn you that you are outnumbered here, and you can expect to get bashed around if you provoke us. Like I said, you are here at your own risk.

  • Paulapollos

    If the OP is representative of the average JW.......we certainly never imagined that the readers we wrote and translated for were so intellectually lacking that they would fail to comprehend what we had written.

    "What is involved in avoiding false teachers? We do not receive them into our homes or greet them. We also refuse to read their literature, watch TV programs that feature them, examine their Web sites, or add our comments to their blogs."

    If you read forms of literature, watch TV programs that feature, examine websites, or comment on the blogs of those who do not believe that the Watchtower and Bible Tract Society is God's organisation, and have been disfellowshipped, or dis-associated themselves, for these or similar actions, you are associating with false teachers willingly. This is a clear violation of the counsel given by God's organisation, and reflects, according to the Watchtower, a lack of love for Jehovah God.

    If the OP cannot understand that, and is indeed representative of the average JW, then I must say, no wonder we spent so much time at Bethel wondering why we had to deal with constant calls from JW's in the field who were unable to understand what we thought were relatively simple, straightforward instructions.


  • jgnat

    StandFirm, welcome to the board. I will never challenge your right to be here unless you overtly break the posting guidelines below.

    I personally dislike challenges by resident posters to practicing JW's that they are breaking the "rules" by being here. Not our rules, not our concern. Let these posters present their views and respond to challenges, exercise their independent thinking skills, and be themselves just like the rest of us.

    Another low blow is to challenge posters to represent their true name, photo, address, congregation, yadda yadda. We are all allowed the same privacy. Let's respect it.

    StandFirm, on your other thread I've voted for discussing the validity of God's One Organization and the implications of that. I'd welcome such a discussion.

  • satinka

    Stand firm says:

    isaacaustin suggests I tell my elders I post here. Why would I do that? It is websites like this that claim that Witnesses must run to their elders to make their decisions for them. I, however, can make conscientious decisions for myself.

    Awwww...I do believe I hear some independent thinking going on...sounds a bit like Eve at the ole fruit tree. Personally, I like Eve.

    Another observation...if it is true that you make your own decisions, why are you constantly quoting watchtowers?

    Now I have an aside question...if we feed the trolls, will they grow?


  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita

    This guy is made of it (not to be confused with "full of it"). Don't even waste words on DroopLimp.

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