JWs Not Allowed to Post on Websites?

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  • palmtree67


    Semi-related.... when I was still a humble & mostly-unthinking believer and confessed to my sin of reading comments on an apostate site (after their reply about 607 failed to answer my questions), I had an elder ORDER me not to visit such websites anymore.

    StandFirm, DJChristmasDrink and Alice would respond that you are just an apostate liar.....

    But I believe you.

    Because according to Alice, everything I've said is a lie, too......oh, yeah - and according to Alice, everyone who experienced abuse in the Org is a liar, too.

    Ohhhhhhh, sometimes I miss being a JW,....... when life was simple and anyone that made me think too hard was just a liar.......

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    That is a level of cognitive dissonance above and beyond the standard JW. StandFirm, Eggnog, and AliceSpadeMaze are all victims of their own self-deceiving minds.

    I don't know about that.

    My lot, I would think, would fit your description of standard JWs, but they have cherry picked Jehovah's Truth when Jehovah has dumped their favorite doctrines in favour of new ones, even carrying over old light generation doctrines well past their use by dates.

  • leavingwt

    StandFirm: In your opinion, is this website, JWN, "spiritual pornography"?

    I've heard a few JWs equate apostate websites with pornographic websites.

  • wasblind

    SBC said:

    " What is this, a playground? I'll do it, StandFirm. I'll post my real name and a pic of myself holding a sign with both my name and JWN handle written on it.... then you do the same for yourself immediately thereafter. Let's go "

    " KEEP ON THE WATCH " girls, Sweets gonna give us some eye candy to look at

  • minimus

    StandFirm isn't very bright. Don't waste time feeding this dumb troll unless you have nothing better to do. SF can't read---either that or SF is just pretending to be stupid.

  • undercover

    I'm a bit miffed... all these responses to other people who took the time to respond to StandFirm but he/she totally ignored my comment to them from page 5...even when I admired their independance.

    But in the off-chance that you just didn't see my post, I'll make give this challenge again, since you continue to defend visiting a known apostate site to interact with known apostates: Go to your elders, tell them that you willingly participate on this particular board to defend your faith...or to make new friends, whichever...and see what happens. You'll know then whether it is just "advice" or a "command" to not be here.

  • SweetBabyCheezits
    " KEEP ON THE WATCH " girls, Sweets gonna give us some eye candy to look at

    LOL @ Was. Yeah, I've been told I bear a striking resemblance to a younger, hillbilly version of Wilford Brimley. And both times it was meant as a compliment.

    I don't think I'll be posting my pic again soon, though. StandFirm is missing two things that he needs in order to identify himself: Ball one and ball two. I noticed he hasn't been back to this thread in the last 14 hours.

    UC, your idea is simple and perfect. I suspect StandFirm will do one of the following:

    1. Avoid this thread altogether.
    2. Jump back in but ignore our call-outs.
    3. Address our call-outs but crawfish his way out of it.
    4. Address our call-outs and lie about it.

    What he won't do is reveal his identity or confess his "wrongdoing" to the elders and then provide us with evidence of having done so.

    But he could always prove me wrong...

  • oompa

    hahahahah....i knew standfirm would say "you first"!!!! then i looked up the definition of stupid...but could not get it to paste here....but it does fit standfirm and i do not mean that as a slur...stupid is a biblical term after all

    i am not going FIRST because I KNOW WT can come after your ass and cause even more grief if they have your name when you post here...and yes that even applies to dfd ones like me with family still in....why the hell do you think almost everyone here does not use their real name and pic???....you think that is because we have nothing to fear from WT???....hell no....we know the reprecussions when you break THEIR RULES just like you are doing in secret while you hide behind a fake name and avatar

    YOU are the one that says it is ok to be here as a jw....and if YOU really believe that then YOU should go ahead and post your name and or pic....see THAT is putting your money where your mouth is...i dont have to because i am not making the insane claims you are....maybe if you get your mouth away from your anus you can taste the real truth about the truth...sorry if that sounds crass but i feel you deserve it

    come on fraidy cat.....or is it chickenshit?.....you have no balls nor inner fortitude....nor leg to stand on....prove me wrong..................oompa


    [email protected]!!..

    Your getting Spunky..You must be feeling better..



  • pirata
    AnnOMaly references a quote from the 2006 Watchtower. Does JWN constitute an apostate website? It is overrun with apostates, yes, but it is an open forum after all.

    From page 3:

    pirata gives us several quotes. First is the simplified Watchtower of 7/15/2011. But the regular magazine makes clear that the reference is to blogs. As I mentioned, this site is more of a public discussion (forum) then a private conversation.

    As for the September Kingdom Ministry, this website is not what is described there. The July Kingdom Ministry of the same month is referring to socializing, which is not my intent here. The article also does not forbid associating with persons over the internet, it simply says that there are dangers and that it is dangerous for children.

    The September 2002 Kingdom Ministry does not mention forums. If the reference is to my blog, you can see that paragraph 6 is talking about information for the public. My blog is not for the public in general.

    Ha ha. You are more for following the "letter of the law" I see.

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