Sometimes You Just Gotta Score One For the Cult Members

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  • Reality79

    OK he went too far, but no one was physically assaulted or killed. I've seen witnesses treat their own that way. I experienced that same behaviour at the hands of so called brothers and sisters when I was younger so I refuse to sympathise with them nowadays.

    Granted, that guy is obviously an asshole and appears to be unlikeable in general. BUT some witnesses deserve that and more. I wouldn't condone picking on an elderly couple personally, but a lot of "brothers and sisters" I knew who all thought they were so big and bad and act like their shit don't stink, THEY deserve that kind of treatment and more. When you go about harassing people from door to door you expose yourself to that kind of treatment.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    What a douchebag. He succeeded only in garnering sympathy for the JWs.

  • wannabefree

    Over the top in his approach, but he wouldn't have been listened to if he wasn't aggressive. Its not too often a JW has to know much at the door (at least in my area) because most people aren't home or dismiss you right away, and the majority who will talk aren't to knowledgeable about their own faith. Even if he was right, imo the persecution type approach only makes the JW feel more sure of his own faith.

    Of course, Jesus was a bit aggressive when he overturned the tables of the money changers.

  • Morbidzbaby

    I partially sympathized with the JW's, but in all honesty, they go to people's homes expecting that nobody knows their bible and that they (the JW's) are going to be the ones to teach them a thing or two. This man knew exactly where certain passages were that supported his argument, but what's more, he knew the bible itself.

    JW's in general know only the verses that support JW theology. When they read the bible, they read it with Watchtower glasses on. In the forefront of their minds are Watchtower teachings, no matter what verses they are reading. So when someone comes out of left field with a doctrine that is supported by the scriptures, they can pick and choose any verses the WTBTS tells them will refute it...but they don't look at the scripture context surrounding the passage.

    I think this guy's aggression was over-the-top and he was kind of an asshole about the short hair thing and about women teaching men...but really, that's just another example of the menu in the cafeteria known as Christianity.

    To be honest, JW's go to people's homes...on their property...and attempt to tell them their beliefs are wrong. I've known JW's who put their foot or their head in the doorway to prevent the homeowner from closing it so they can get in the last word! I think a little irritation at their presence and their nerve is warranted. Chasing them out to their car and hollering at them is not.

    Then again, Jesus was righteously indignant at the religious leaders for leading the people astray... I didn't see this guy flipping over their Buick or anything...

  • SirNose586

    I'd call Mr. Pleasant Preacher a chauvanistic pig, but pigs are more noble than that man. He revels in being a bully, and running his house like a dictator. I despise everything that he stands for.

    If he wants to refute the JWs, that's fine, but telling people that they are damned is offensive. It doesn't garner support for what he does, but at any rate, he seems to enjoy being hated more than liked.

    The biggest mistake those dubs made was to trot out the membership numbers. MPP got right on that. They also should have left immediately, but the last guy made it hard for them.

    It's too bad they'd never met this guy before. If I ever saw MPP, I'd just turn around and go away...don't even bother.


    Morbidzbaby is right.

    The dubs think everyone is completely ignorant and they dont have good answers for doctrinal theory rebuttal.

    I remember all those thursday nights at theocratic ministry school:

    Brother / sister A gets up on stage and witnesses to Brother/Sister B - who sits/stands and listens SO attentively from the Get Go , and never asks any confronting questions but just nods their head like a sheep saying "hmmm" "aahhhh" "Ohhhh! REALLY? wow!!!"

    I never used to even WRITE my talks - even when I started in TMS at age 10. I would go and grab a girlfriends or relative abotu 20 minutes before the meeting started, sit down with them and run over it ONCE and let them now where to put the oohs ahhhs and make a couple of kool aid comments.

    I never learnt any presentation skills from TMS - all I got all my training from Modelling Academy and High School Debating Team (Though Im sure as I worked as a TV host for a while all my dub family probably credited TMS for my oratory skills)

    Typical of Dubs - this video shows that they love to answer a question with a question. If you dont know the answer - CHANGE the subject.

  • godrulz

    When a JW does not know an answer, they tend to want to pack up and run (some vs all). When I don't know an answer, I do my homework and come back and share what I find for mutual discussion. I will study until Armageddon, but most JWs will not engage once they see that the opponent is informed/on to them. The JW approach reminds me of my sales days and includes canned presentations with literature, handling objections with pat responses, etc. They tend to parrot instead of think. If I am going to reason from Scripture (vs a book with that title), I want to understand the arguments and objections in my own mind. I don't rely on quoting trinitarians to exegete Jn. 1:1. I actually understand the basic Greek grammatical issues (imperfect tense; meaning of 'pros', definite article vs anarthrous construction, limitations of Colwell's rule, etc.).

  • rebel8

    I thought the guy was out of line saying the lady had short hair like a man.

    He did, and he's right--if they believe in the bible then they should follow it fully, not selectively.

    However, his choice of time, place and audience is obviously poor.

    I have no idea why they felt a need to linger in the conversation.

  • designs

    Time to put ol Anony Mous back in the Root cellar.......... yep dang nabbit

  • factfinder

    @godrulz- Conduct speaks louder than words. I am not saying everything the witnesses teach is right, or I'd still be one if I thought they were.

    But it is extremly OFFENSIVE to me when I am told that I will be judged adversly by God, or burn in "hell", if I do not believe that Jesus is God Almighty and part of a triune God. This is all that "Christians" want to do-try to condemn people, judge them and harrass them into accepting the "divinity" of Jesus and a triune God. "Christians" tell me my dear parents are suffering somewhere in the afterlife, being condemned by God because they believe in one God, not 3 in one. That really makes me mad and all it does is make me want to reject Jesus alltogether, although it is not his fault such lies are being told about him. He worshipped Jehovah.

    I put "Christians" in quotes because I know there are some sincere Christians who do not do this.

    If you feel it is scriptural and makes sense to accept a triune God that is your decision to make. If you wish to believe in that concept of God that is up to you. But don't try pushing that belief on me. My God is ONE, He is singular, and he is not Jesus. I feel the witnesses are correct regarding the identity of Jesus.

    I know of some witnesses who did put their foot in the door and were very pushy and obnoxious. But what that schmuck said to that sister was uncalled for. If he was representative of what being a "Christian" is, I'd rather be a jw anyday. (But yes, I know not all Christians are like that)

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