Sometimes You Just Gotta Score One For the Cult Members

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  • godrulz

    I have seen JWs be total argumentative jerks also. This guy speaks some truth, but it is not in love. Just because he is a Christian who is not Christ-like in his witness is not a reason to think this is proof of JWs being right?! (cmon factfinder). Mormons are generally more congenial to dialogue with than robotic, arrogant JWs. This does not mean I should assume Mormonism is right. The issue is still the Word of God/truth. The Deity of Christ is still an acid test of Christianity, not how nice followers of various religions are or are not. There are good and bad lawyers, nice and evil JWs, godly and jerky true Christians, etc. Jesus is the issue on judgment day, not His followers as hypocrites or walking in the flesh vs Spirit at times.

  • sizemik

    I'm with godrulz . . . everyone has an asshole . . . it applies to religions as well

  • PublishingCult

    My aunt, a JW of course, often behaved like the bearded psycho in the video.

  • av8orntexas

    I know this is off the subject,but judging from the model of that car and color I thought it was an CO for an second.

    I thought the guy was out of line saying the lady had short hair like a man. WTF ? Off the subject and just being spitefull. Not to mention she is an older lady. Have some respect,even if you don't want them on your property. If that were my wife.....the congregation would be learning of my being locked up. Total disrespect to another mans wife. At least thats how I saw it. Then how does he not know she wasn't a cancer survivor or something? That part was out of line.

    But I've been in that position. He wasn't really yelling,but he wasn't giving too much time to respond either.

    I had a guy escort me off his property with a loaded shotgun. Of COURSE I saw the NO TRESPASSING sign on the way out....but not on the way in. Duuuuur ! In Massachusetts I didn't have to worry about that too much. But people in Texas carry guns like they carry wallets.

  • confliction

    The only humiliating thing about this video is how unaware this guy is of his blatant douchebaggery.

  • ambersun

    I cringed watching that awful video. Nobody deserves to be hounded and bullied like that. The way he treated that poor sister was disgusting!! What a totally obnoxious man!!!


    av8orntexas..I thought the same thing about that Buick, cuz our o'cers had them too.

    And yes, they were an older couple, and he was extremely rude to them. The poor "sister". They handled everything with dignity and grace. Although, to be completely honest, I sometimes feel the witnesses were rude and went waaay overboard too. Not saying this couple deserved it, but I have worked with some over-zealous people in the ministry. It was usually to more unstable ones, and you just cringed if you had to work with them. Good times. Good times.. I just have to laugh about it now

  • ambersun

    Oh yes AK, we had a CO back in the '60s who was very much like that guy in the video. As I was a pioneer back then, I worked with him a lot (the whole congregation was scared of him but for some reason he was really nice to li'l old me lol) and what amazed me most was how he managed to get through each day without getting arrested or at least punched in the mouth by at least one of the householders he insulted!

    If no-one answered the door and he knew they were in, he would go round the back and get into their gardens. One young woman was sunbathing in her bikini and had the shock of her life when she looked up to see us both staring down at her. She screamed "Get out!" . I was slowly backing my way back down the garden path while he carried on 'witnessing' to her while she tried to cover her modesty


    Ok SOMEONE has to be the first to say it:

    I thought it was HILARIOUS.

    yes I know I'm gonna piss people off for saying this, and YES I know that in THIS particular case the JWs who were on the scene didn't do anything to warrant the flogging

    but you HAVE to admit that OVERALL... after the way the society as a whole has spewed out their crap on innocent householders

    this was coming!

    Ok shoot me now.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Wasn't all that bad now was it. He's a bit crazy but he makes the right points. He is just as aggressive to them as they are in their ministry at the door. It's not like he beat them up or anything.

    It shows JW's stupidity - "How come there's 7 million of us" is a stupid argument. Also, if you're interpreting the rest of the Pauline doctrine literally as a religion (such as disfellowshipping, having a list of things you can't do), why do the women not have long hair and try to teach the men in their ministry.

    The scriptures can be used to prove the trinity and do bring out the deity of Jesus but ever since the first century AD (or CE) there are different interpretations as to what this means exactly so that can be a point of discussion, either way you have to believe in the deity of Christ at least according to the scriptures, JW's don't.

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