FDS says - "No need to check our work. Besides, it will only make God angry."

by Crisis of Conscience 87 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • JustHuman14

    FDS is above Jesus, and even those "unbelievers"the Bereans, who dared to EXAMINE all things!!!

  • moshe

    Well, obviously, any skeptics who were aropund back in the 1st century didn't have any input in the human writings that became the NT part of the Bible-

  • punkofnice

    Well that proves it to me!

    The F&D$ are cult leaders.

    This is yet another blatant example of 'Information Control' that effective cult technique to keep the JDubs in pluralistic groupthink ignorance.

  • clarity


    "And if you don't arrive at that conclusion despite reading their publications, is it then alright to consider the Watchtower's spiritual food as harmful? CoC"

    Definately yes but .... they will kill you if you do! Invisibly that is.


  • punkofnice

    .........and I meant to add that saying 'Jehovah is not pleased...' is typical cult 'Mystical Manipulation'.

    Do as we say or we'll set God on you!

  • Nellie

    This is why it's so hard to get any of the R&F to "see" the truth! Everyone is so conditioned to disbelieve anything that doesn't come from the WBTS. I know - I was one of them!!! There was a long time from when I first "allowed" myself to ask the questions until I "allowed" myself to look for the answers.

  • jwfacts

    Good point about the Boreans. Also, consider that the Watchtower claims the Bible to be infallible but that their writings are not, so it is inappropriate for them to say we should as much trust in the Watchtower as in the Bible.

  • WTWizard

    How are we to know that the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger is even telling the truth? I could just as easily do the same thing, telling people to invest in Treasury notes without doing any research on the subject or in whether I am trying to sell Treasury notes at inflated prices or knowing that they are going to take a bath. Then I could just as easily tell people that God is pxxxed by people that try and find the silver I buy with the money I make suckering you into Treasuries. The whole thing would be a scam, backed with a threat that God will hate you forever if you cross-reference.

    With the Washtowel, you are not looking at just taking a bath with your money. You are taking a bath with your life. It is stopping you from looking at other religions--the Washtowel itself could well be the false prophet, or one of many. (Or a scam.) You could be lulled into wasting your whole life, not being aware of what is really going on in the world. Things that were going on with the world in 1987 are not going that way in 2011--if you act according to 1987 advice and 1987 conditions in 2011, you are going to take a bath. Right now, we have the Rothschilds trying to pass so much crap to enslave the whole world in such a short time that people cannot keep up, and yet the Washtowel is keeping the witlesses busy pushing the same littera-trash the way they have been doing it since the 1950s. This is not conducive to waking up!

  • LongHairGal


    How I read it is: Sure, no need to check our work. Besides, the man behind the curtain will get angry.

    I certainly do despise people who make divine claims. This is why I hate religions.

  • Mary
    If we have once established what instrument God is using as his "slave" to dispense spiritual food to his people, surely Jehovah is not pleased if we receive that food as though it might contain something harmful.

    And how exactly is one supposed to "establish what instrument God is using as his "slave" if you can't freaking well check their credentials??!!!

    What a bunch of knobs................

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