FDS says - "No need to check our work. Besides, it will only make God angry."

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  • cyberjesus

    believe the bible.... dont doubt its sources.

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    @ sizemik - Good point! JW's at times assume things about Jehovah or Jesus yet accept it as truth. How do we know? Wording, like apparently, evidently, etc.
    But God forbid you do something that was not recorded in the Bible and voila! You're a sinner because then, and only then, evidently, it never happened.


  • MrFreeze

    I am not surprised.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Ah, the masters of making the bible say something because it says nothing on a subject!


  • LanDi

    One point no one seems to have raised is that the are making the ministry more difficult :

    Picture the scene :

    JW " Hello we''d like you to convert "

    Householder " Have my own religion "

    JW ( usual reply are you sure your religion is right etc we need to check are pleasing to God etc)

    houseHolder " Is that what you do ? Here lets examine your religion"

    Jw "We're not allowed top question the teaching of our faithful and discreet slave. They help us so much tell us what to think, who to associate with even tell us what subjects of conversation we should ideally indulge in - ie the ministry. So why haven't you converted to us yet you hater of truth ?"

    Remember " The inexperienced one puts faith in every word but the shrewd one watches his step. " - Proverbs I thnk.

  • LV101

    TRUTH HOLDS UP TO SCRUTINY AND honest individuals prove themselves and want to be examined.

    Watchtower goons ARE RUTHLESS LIARS and always trying to sway the naive because they CAN. most all non members HAVE THE WORSE OPINION OF THEM TO THE POINT OF EMBARRASSMENT.

  • NewChapter

    You know on an intellectual level, I KNOW I was in a cult. But the reality of that still sinks in one thin layer at a time. I never saw that WT. I am just stunned. I mean the culture dictated that we take the GB at their word, but I've never seen it written out so clearly---with absolutely no veil.

    "scuze me. I think I have to vomit now. I'm not a stupid person! HOW did I let this happen to me?


  • Sayswho
    "I'm not a stupid person! HOW did I let this happen to me?...NewChapter"

    This is a good question...for me it was being born-in and indoctrinated over time. When you are exposed at a young age you have little chance of thinking for yourself...as we are told not to because the FDS (GB)knows what's best for us…since Jeh is directing them.

    And with the mind being set on only a few years left in this system I never had the desire or thought to question what they were saying... My mind was being held captive, unable to think BY IT'S-SELF....But....Now I am awake and in my 50's saying WTF...It's like awaking from a coma.

    It is amazing for me how clearer my mind is now...since I have only been to 3 meetings in the past year with the last one being the memorial. I ask myself the same type of questions, how could I be so naïve, so trusting (gullible)? I have taken the red pill and it’s good to see things for what they really are. We had been seduced or lead astray by these wicked men…AND THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!

    And I will do what I can to awake others...


  • Crisis of Conscience
  • Ding

    I've heard the explanation that the Bereans checked the scriptures to verify what Paul was saying, not to challenge him.

    That doesn't make sense.

    If they started out with a bias to believe Paul and didn't examine things critically, in what sense did they check things out at all?

    Did they just look at a couple of isolated prooftexts cited by Paul, or did they search the scriptures thoroughly?

    Besides, according to the WTS, no one can understand the scriptures without the GB's explanations, so in the WT view wasn't it useless and evidence of pride for the Bereans to examine the scriptures to see if Paul was right or wrong?

    Does the GB want JWs to do what the Bereans did and check out everything they say by the scriptures?

    Or do they want JWs to meekly accept whatever comes from "the slave"?

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