3/15 WT " Do Not Deceive Yourself "- WT's Excuses for No Armageddon

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  • wobble

    DCB, is it only seven explanations ? and it will never, never occur to them that Jesus meant what he said, "this generation" being the people alive as he spoke.

    No no no, Jesus "evidently" meant something that fits in with the GB/Writing Comms. fantasy.

    "Evidently " means something other than the usual dictionary definition too,(just as "generation" does in La La, sorry, WT land) evidently means , when the WT says it, "without evidence."

  • flipper

    DAVINCICODEBREAKER- That's an interesting observation you shared , thanks. I find it very telling that many JW's are getting used to the idea that they WILL die in this system of things. That is a GOOD thing in regards to exposing the WT society as the liars and deceiving, pompous a-holes that they are . It needs to be exposed consistently that the WT society is using, tricking, and deceving members . I bet they will be scrambling to print more articles trying to explain the " overlap generation " theory. But it's so unreasonable- there is NO WAY to explain it.

    WOBBLE- Exactly. I mean, how MANY times is the WT society going to try to explain this " generation overlap " theory ? I mean, enough is enough. And they don't understand evidently either

  • flipper

    Bumped for any newer members who may have missed this take on the " overlapping generation "

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