What makes J.Ws worse than any other organisation?

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  • acolytes

    Many outsiders see good in the W.T. And many insiders see good in the W.T.

    So is not the W:T like any other organisation based on idealisam and growth


  • QuestioningEverything

    The disfellowshipping practice makes them worse. It's horrible to shun family and friends!

  • easyreader1970

    My main criticism of the WBTS is that there is no honorable way to leave it. Members are duty bound to shun the person that decides to leave, regardless of their relationship to that person. Your family can be destroyed, but that doesn't matter to the WBTS.

    My second criticism is that you are required to accept and believe everything that you are told. Everything. You cannot disagree with a statement made by the WBTS or the Bible and if you do so openly, that is grounds for being expelled. The Governing Body is allowed to get things wrong (see the different interpretations of "this generation" over the years), but if you had suggested the current understanding was correct fifteen years ago, you would have been viewed as an apostate and removed from the congregation.

    I won't call th WBTS a mind-controll cult, because many members maintain the ability to think for themselves. I will call it a behavior-control cult, because regardless of what you think, you risk great emotional punishment for stepping out of line.

  • acolytes

    Questioning Everything.

    My sentiments exactly, but then i thought (many organisations have a disfellowshipping practice) its only the" success" of the W.T organisation that has made it so exstreme.


  • acolytes


    Is it not a fairpoint to say all organisations want you to accept everything the organisation says?. (And given the power and control the organisation would use it?)


  • Ding

    In addition to what has been stated above:

    -- It usurps Christ's role as the "ark of salvation"

    -- It usurps Christ's role as mediator

    -- It is extremely legalistic

    -- It misquotes scholars and twists the Bible to come up with its doctrines

    -- It has made more false prophecies of the end than any other organization

    -- It causes people to refuse life-saving blood transfusions for their children

    -- It uses fear and guilt to manipulate its members

    -- It denies children real childhoods

    -- It denies its members the right to think for themselves

    -- While admitting to being fallible, the GB requires members to treat them as infallible

    -- It causes most of its members to be unnecessarily arrogant and obnoxious toward outsiders (and even toward many insiders)

    -- It does nothing for widows, orphans, and the poor despite Jesus' teachings on the subject

    That's a dozen.

    How many more would you like?

  • yknot

    Worst..... hmm I am kinda sensitive to that word...

    I would say it was the intended nature of control and manipulation by it's leadership.

  • freetosee

    I don't think jws is worse than any other organisation or religion. Although the jw has been the worst religion in my life.

  • snowbird

    What Ding and YKnot said.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Not all organizations endanger the lives of their members. Not all organizations are exclusive and isolating of their members. Not all organizations knowingly teach falsehoods to their members. Not all organizations try to control every intimate detail of the lives of their members. Not all organizations frown on their members becoming well educated.

    The Borg is worse than many organizations in many ways. It isn't the worst in the world, probably, but it is pretty much teh suck.

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