What makes J.Ws worse than any other organisation?

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  • acolytes

    diamond liz .. to answer your post please read undercovers post above yours. His words are better than mine, but our thoughts are the same.


  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    > Shunning and Disfellowshipping

    that's one of the worst parts, right. but that doesn't make them any worse than say scientology, islam or aum shinrikyo.

    > They have Roots in the Occult

    so what?

    > They deny the deity of Christ

    so what?

    > The injury caused to children

    true. i have been a victim of this. i know many people of other religions (like roman catholic) though, who went through similar experiences and worse (sexual abuse etc.).

    > Homicide by denying blood transfusions

    true. i've been in the situation. this is arguably the worst part. there are loads of groups (for example homeopaths) that prevent proper medical treatment, leading to peoples deaths.

    > The destruction of careers and lives pursuant to their "this generation" teachings

    another bad one. no worse than any of those tele-evangelists trying to rob money from the meek.

    > And the fact that they are antichrist.

    so what?

  • jam

    My son told me A guy he knows, not A close friend tells people

    he once played football for the Dallas cowboys, never played

    football as A pro.He tell women this in order to get dates. I knew

    another guy who told people he served in the military in Viet Nam

    in A special unit, he never served in the military. Most people hate

    A liar.This is how I feel about the JW organization. They have no

    credibility, the leaders, Gov. body.



    The Fact that they are AntiChrist......So what?..


    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • Qcmbr

    I think the JWs are one of the worst because they increase people's capacity for self harm (not because they themselves are intrinsically harmful - no kool aid yet)

    As a JW the teachings and institution encourage:

    1 - Alienation from family and non-JW friends.

    2 - Depression and Mania - a need to outwardly portray happiness to avoid stumbling anyone while inwardly racked with guilt.

    3 - Spousal abuse - by creating a headship principle (admittedly society still has a strong current of patriarchy in it as well.)

    4 - Medical danger (blood obviously - but also by causing people to look upon medical knowledge as somehow unholy and second to Jehovah's help.)

    5 - Educational and career retardation.

    6 - End time fixation, a sense of helplessness (you are merely a pawn in the game), a sense of worthlessness (why didn't J. choose you as an anointed) and adrenaline spikes every time an earthquake or a peace treaty is signed.

  • thetrueone

    Good summary Qcmbr was going to say pretty much the same things.

    So yes there is much digressive harm toward people when joining and becoming a member of this organization/religion/publishing business

  • tiki

    They condone child abuse.

    They are categorically against education despite claiming to worship the most intelligent being in the universe; the greatest mathematician and scientific force in existence. The universe is ever-expanding, and intelligence should be encouraged, stressed and sought.

    Many organizations and groups seek loyalty from their members by using fear and guilt tactics; some are crazy - look at the suicide bombers of the fanatical element of Islam.

    They are self-centered believing that they alone have a right to everlasting life whether in heaven or on earth or mars, jupiter, or the asteroid belt or a galaxy several hundred million light years away. They are self-righteous and make blanket statements about "worldy people". They have a distorted view of reality. All these things are negative, but can be found in other groups.....so the "worst"....who knows.

    True religion is an oxymoron. There is no such thing. The fact that truth can be twisted into a "religion" negates its value.

  • acolytes

    Qcmbr & The True One.

    .....agree with everything Qcmbr said. But all the negative points you listed could be labelled also at certain prescriptive medicine, and food labelling companies.

    These companies also increase peoples capacity for self harm with dishonest research, and missleading information to the consumer due to financial motivation. (Same as the Watchtower)

    1.This causes alination from family and friends (due to the addiction)

    2. Depression and mania (Due to the alination of family and friends and the addiction)

    3.Spousal abuse, (By creating obisity,addictions.diabetics,depression ect)

    4.Educational and careear retardation. (An unhealthy body will cause educational and carear retardation ie sleepiness ect)

    5 End time fixation. (These companies actually do with their products bring about a early end fixation)

    I think as long as there is financial motivation,power and status most any company given time and opportunity will turn out like the watchtower. Because individuals and governing bodies run companies and the agenda is Company first, members or ,consumers second.


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