What makes J.Ws worse than any other organisation?

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  • james_woods

    They kill kids with their blood transfusion doctrine, and then celebrate it by putting the dead kid's pictures on the front cover of one of their magazines.

    Yes, I know there are two or three other established religions who kill kids because of anti-medical doctrines, but I am not aware of ANY of these who actually celebrate the deaths in that way.

    I am also not aware of any other anti-medicine religions who make up different rules in different countries on that issue to avoid the impact of the law.

    Worse than any other organization? You cannot really make that argument when you consider communism, the Peoples Temple, or the Nazi party...but it is quite arguably one of the very short list of the worst established religions of the U.S.

  • acolytes

    designs and j hoffer, thanks fot the thoughts.

    Tec, the J Ws is a corporate bussiness organisation its members are paid commission only.

    Blondie.All religiouse organisations see themselfs as better than other religiouse organisations. (Thats why we dont have one religion, even T.V has many channels)


  • brotherdan
    All religiouse organisations see themselfs as better than other religiouse organisations.

    I used to think the same. But that just is not the case. There are many churches that recognize that they are only one piece of the entire body of Christ. This is most common in many non-denominational churches. But there are many others that realize that they cannot call themselves "better" than others.

    A prime example is Grace to You church in California who is pastored by John Macarthur. He frequently comments on the fact that while he may disagree with doctrines of other churches, that doesn't make any of them less or more saved. For example he is a cessationist. But one of the things that I appreciated on his discourse about why he think spiritual gifts have ceased is that he said that we are not to judge others that believe in these gifts. They are no less saved than any other Christian.

    Balance is the name of the game. Select a church to go to where you can fellowship with other Christians and where you can agree with the majority of the messages that are delivered there. No church will have a completely 100% right message. But the point is to fellowship and strengthen yourself and others spiritually. I have not been able to do this yet, but I hope to one day.

  • james_woods
    All religiouse organisations see themselfs as better than other religiouse organisations.

    Acolytes, that is simply NOT TRUE. For example, that kind of thinking is alien to the Unitarians or the Buddhists.

    You are making yourself sound like a JW apologist.

  • Giordano

    They are the worst because they have made and continue to make medical decisions for it's members. Since 1945 it is believed that they have encouraged the death of some 200,000 people or 3600 people a year world wide who refused to take blood. If that number is not correct then let's drop it down to a thousand people a year. Jim Jones killed 900 plus people at Jonestown. The JW's accomplish that year in and year out.

  • tec
    Tec, the J Ws is a corporate bussiness organisation its members are paid commission only

    Jw's get paid commission?

  • Giordano

    I'm comparing other religions in modern times not Nazi's etc.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    there are also buddhist movements who think they own the truth. and while religions like bahá'i sound pretty tolerant, when you listen to those who left, you get a different view.

    when just leaving the JWs it might look like they are the worst thing since hitler, but after a while, talking to others who left the catholic church in a rural area, the pentecostals or maybe even worse islam, you can put it into some perspective.

    not every religion is controlling, but probably most at least try - or tried - to.

  • DanaBug

    What kind of organizations?

    Compared to the Moonies or the Church of Christ, I'd say JW's are not as bad.

    Compared to a Methodist or Presbyterian church, JW's are far worse. Mainstream Christian religions, in general, don't hold themselves apart from all the others or bash the others. For most what's important is believing in Jesus as saviour and being baptized, the rest are details left to interpret and are not essential. So the what sounds right to you, as far as the non-essential details determines which church you attend or don't. JW's, oth, have a strict set of rules you have to live by or God will not accept you, thus the term "truth" "true Christians", etc. But that truth changes frequently, and it's not up to the individual conscience to believe that's true or reject it. You either believe it or you get kicked out. Most Christian churches will not kick you out because you hold a different understanding of something and talk about it with other members. That's why you see members of one church visiting other churches, or different denominations working together on charity projects, at least they do where I live. Can you even imagine JW's doing that?

    I think they're worse because of their seperateness, their patent on "truth", their disdain of other Christians, and how they dictate what others believe and keep their members like children not able to determine for themselves what's right and wrong according to the Bible. They follow men, not Christ, who they should be following if they're Christians.

  • brotherdan

    You simply cannot make a broad statement and say that JWs are the "worst" organization. There are thousands of negative organizations. We talk about Jehovah's Witnesses, because we have been personally affected by them. You cannot forget about other negative "Christian" groups. For example look at Westboro Baptist church. They are EXTREMELY destructive. Look at extremist islamic religions. There are other cults that exist in this country that are even MORE dangerous than the Watchtower.

    So we should exagerate the dangers of the Watchtower. At the same time, it IS dangerous. We should warn people. But if we think that it is the all time worst organizaton to ever exist, that may tempt us to justify sensationalist claims about the Watchtower.

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