What makes J.Ws worse than any other organisation?

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  • aquagirl

    Its no worse than say..nazi's or Zombies..But yeah,the disfellowshipping.And terrible fashion sense...yuk...lol

  • acolytes


    A.It usurps christ role as the ark of salvation

    answer .All organizations see themsels as "The ark of there course"

    B. It usurps christ role as mediator.

    answer. All organisations take away individuality.

    C. Its exstremly lelalistic.

    answer. All organisations are legalistic.

    D. It causes people to refuse life saving blood transfusions for there children

    answer.Within there power, all organisations try to control people.

    E. It uses fear and guilt to control people.

    answer. Through the power of the spoken & written word all organisations try to control people..

    ect ect

    So from your answer i think what makes the J:W organisation worse than any other organisation is peoples .

    A .False reliance on an organisation claiming to answer for God.

    B. I think the ability for unqualified people to control peoples lifes.

    D. It misquotes scholers and twists the bible to come up with doctrines

    answer. All organisations use the power of language, and interpret words to support there course.

    E. It has made more false prophesies of the end than anyother organisation

    answer. All organisations make statements (prophesies) of why they are to be trusted.

  • WTWizard

    That they claim to be the only organization that doesn't have these issues or that does something about it. The Catholic church has pedophiles in its clergy. The witlesses have pedophiles in their ranks, plus they do all they can to hide it while bashing the Catholic church for the same issue. The Catholic church has its "useless rituals" (and, I agree, some of them are really useless rituals). The witlesses have their useless rituals, and then bash the Catholic church for their useless rituals (and field circus is among these useless rituals). The Catholic church scares children into compliance with doctrine. The witlesses scare children into compliance, while they bash the Catholic church for doing the same thing.

    As for business-like organizations, the witlesses again do all the bad things that most worldly businesses do. They pollute, they minimize pay of the workers, they put out crap products and mis-represent it, and they have bad accounting practices. The difference is that the witlesses bash the worldly companies (like Enron) when they do the same thing, yet they themselves are even worse. Anyone really think there are 7 1/2 million sincere publishers within the ranks?

    And, they do many other things that they bash other organizations for. The UN scandal is well known among us apostates--at that, this was in 1991 after they bashed the worldly organizations for being in that organization. They alter doctrines, again after bashing other religions for doing the exact same thing. They bash the King James version, the first sincere attempt to bring the Bible to the masses, for having more than 20,000 errors. Yet, the Not Well Translated version has plenty of places where they intentionally altered the wording or text to fit their doctrines.

    What makes the witlesses worse? That they go around and bash other groups for doing the exact same things they are practicing.

  • acolytes

    I think what makes J.Ws worse than other organisations, is its membership.

    Without members we have no J.Ws organisation.

    Yet the higher % of witnesses are good people.

    So then my answer the Mind Control.


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I do not have time to read everyones thoughts on this but I would say that it is because they demand so much from the members. Way more then most religions. And what they demand brings no joy to the members. At least helping in a soup kitchen brings some joy knocking on not at home and sitting in a car with people who hate each other is peer stress.

    The normal JW has no time for family or just being there for each other. It is really hard on marriages if the husband is an elder.


  • acolytes

    life is short

    All organisations want so much from the members. Many people are happy after 25 years service to be discarded with a gold watch. (As if the company takes the blame for the members failed marrige, due to his/ her working extra hours.)


  • designs

    Having spent time within the JWs and going to various Churches afterwards there is not much difference. Last night there was a US Representative, R., on TV and the guy actually denied any form of evolution, calling even bacteria developing resistence to drugs adaptation. That is the state of conservative Christianity in some quarters. They both teach mind control. They just wear different ties.

  • tec
    All organisations want so much from the members. Many people are happy after 25 years service to be discarded with a gold watch. (As if the company takes the blame for the members failed marrige, due to his/ her working extra hours.)

    Acolytes the above sounds as if you're comparing the jw's to a corporate or business organization. In that case, it is good to keep in mind that corporations pay their members, offer benefits, grant paid vacations, retirement and investment portfolios, etc... and working extra hours earns overtime (unless you're on a salary, but that salary is supposed to affect overtime)


  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    they are not worse than most other religious groups. some religious groups are simply more controlling while others have lost a lot of ground in that area. but there are few religious groups that actually don't try to control their members in some form or another. same goes for many political movements and other organisations having some sort of universal truth.

  • blondie

    But the WTS does not see themselves like other religious organizations. All those organizations are considered to be controlled by Satan and under his control per the WTS. The WTS considers themselves the only true religion with God's backing. They don't have to be worse but in their own definition they have to be better, much better.

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