What makes J.Ws worse than any other organisation?

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  • PSacramento
    P.S The RCC sounds like the J.Ws were in the begginning.

    You have that kind of backwards.

    The WT is what the RCC used to be when it was obssesed with it's own authority.

    Which doesn't mean itisn't now, just that it has gotten better, kind of...sort of...well...it isn't as bad as it used to be.

  • undercover
    Banks, shun members when the finances run out, Banks have money but will not lend it for life saving operations unless a criteria is met, Banks take away your home and break families up if repayments arnt made. Many people live in constant fear of repaying the bank,and spend all their hours working to pay back loans they feal badly advised in having taken.

    I don't know if you actually planned it this way, but your analogy is a good one...

    Banks are a business... they're in it for a profit. If you're a risk or are costing them money, then the business relationship is over.

    The JW/WT cult is a business. A publishing business. They're in it for the profit (and the power and glory on a lesser level). If you're a risk or are causing them a bad reputation, then the relationship is over.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I see many people confusing the terms "worse" and "worst" in this thread.

    The JW religion is worse than most other religious organizations. The JW religion is not the worst religious organization.

    The worst implies there are none worse. There are some worse than JWs, so they are not the worst. But JWs are much worse than the vast majority of religions when it comes to endangering the physical lives of their members, endangering the mental health of their members, and taking away the freedom of mind of their members, all while knowingly lying to their members. This isn't even debatable.

    On a percent scale, the Borg is probably in the top 10% of bad religions. Line them up against 99 other random religions and you'll find 90 that aren't as bad as they are (some of which may even be somewhat beneficial to members), a couple that are on par with them, and a handful more that are much worse.

  • jonathan dough
    jonathan dough

    How about:

    Shunning and Disfellowshipping
    They have Roots in the Occult
    They deny the deity of Christ
    The injury caused to children
    Homicide by denying blood transfusions
    The destruction of careers and lives pursuant to their "this generation" teachings
    And the fact that they are antichrist.

    It's a very long list ...

  • diamondiiz


    Banks are a business and they don't have to help you, they don't owe you anything. They look after their own interests and they don't care if you suffer or not. Banks don't pretend to be God's hand in caring for anyone out there. On the other hand WTS claims to be caring and fights for freedoms for themselves to spread their BS teaching around the globe while at the same time they deny the very same freedoms to their own members and those related to their members. Why should family members shun one of their own if that one doesn't believe same things as the rest of the family. We are in 2011 not 1600s.

  • acolytes


    Family first, friends second .........I agree why should family members shun one of their own..... A jehovers Witness has as much freedom of thinking as a soilder.....from this thread I have learnt that fredoom to be an individual is something not to give up. And that BEING TO DEDICATED to any organisation can lead to A FORM of shunning family and friends.


  • transhuman68

    The WTS encourages young people to waste the best years of their lives selling worthless magazines, and persuades them to forgo an education that would make them useful to society. It is an anti-social religion.

  • acolytes

    Great point transhuman....as a parent i now deeply value the education of my son. In society most low income familys children forgo a university education. Maybe the expectations arnt as high on the child,maybe the blue collar worker is happy and contented.( A bin collector is more useful to society than a footballer.) so iam aware valuing my sons education, and assuring its really what will make him happy and useful to society is a challenge.


  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    That is easy (or ought to be!)

    The WTS claims to be RIGHT -and everyone else to be WRONG!

    In fact, they are guilty of the very same crimes that they lambast everyone else for committing

    (Including - but not limited to - false prophecy. Commmitted by anybody else, it IS false propehcy. Committed by the WTS, it is "New Light)


  • acolytes

    Bungi Bill....I agree with your points, but the scary thing is people buy the product. So what makes J.Ws worse than any other organisation is the success of the product.

    What is the product?,.....I think that the product is different from witness to witness. Power for many is the product, for others security is the product, for many fear is the product, and for many it is a beliefe in the entire W.T package.


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