Can anyone here SEE the "Run-Away Freight train" about to "Blind-Side" the WTBTS???

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  • Vidiot

    Outlaw - "Learn how to turn your caps off."

    Dude, he can't. He's yelling. That's what caps are for, man. Didn't you know?

    ProdigalSon - "More and more people will realize that they are spirits who volunteered to come here to assist not only in the evolution of this planet but also their own."

    Scientology is bad for you. Please abstain.

    metatron - "Here's my take: YES, there will be some sort of disclosure soon. If you follow the media and the release of government info on UFOs outside the US, this is coming...However, disclosure will be discreet and indirect. I expect Obama or some official to make a staged remark to the effect that 'they're real, we don't know what they are but it's nothing to worry about'. The last thing they want is panic and there are countless government officials in the US who are born again Christians - who would get very upset about any blunt, dramatic full disclosure."

    I remember reading a recent poll showing that the majority of Biblical literalists (Christian, Muslim, or Jewish; monotheists all) overwhelmingly indicated a very strong disbelief in the possibility of intelligent biological extraterrestrial life. The researchers were surprised at first, because they had originally anticipated the opposite; fundies (partly by definition) tend to be prone to what psychologists call "magical thinking"; that is, the belief in the supernatural or paranormal. The researchers had originally classified the belief in ETs under that criteria, and therefore (mistakenly) assumed that the majority of fundamentalists would consider the existence of aliens at least a distinct possibility.

    It turned out, however, that the particulars of a religious fundamentalist worldview - particularly apocalyptic Christian Millennialist theology - don't really allow room for the possibility of little green men from outer space.

    This didn't surprise me; I remember as a teenager intuiting that two things would be potential death blows to the WTS; First Contact, and smoking-gun proof of evolution.

    WingCommander - "Take for instance this whole UFO/Reptilian/Alien OverLords shit; if you are a dyed-in-the-wool Christian, you can easily dismiss such claims by voicing your opinion that the entire scenario is made up from Satan to distract YHWH God's worshippers deep in the end, as in the Anti-Christ. Aliens come down to earth, claim there is no God or afterlife, and then everyone is supposed to reject religion and those left are Christ's true followers. Anti-Christ (alien authorities who are actually Demons in disguise) then make their followers turn against the Christians and then somehow God steps in and Armaggedon starts up."

    Didn't Hal Lindsay (Late, Great Planet Earth fame) theorize something like this back in the 70s?

    Even if he didn't , it would make an awesome Roger Corman movie.

  • Vidiot

    Saaaay, didn't Julian Assange and WikiLeaks hint at some kind of impending release of "alien disclosure"-type documents?

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz


    i can't read thru 7 pages of crap

    so i'll add my 2 cents worth here

    Stop the ''clues'' the ''allusion'' the ''hints'' the self righteous ''I know'' the '' invites'' and the ''predictions''

    What the hell is so hard about just presenting what you think will happen and the proofs and let people make up their own minds?

    totally sick of people who claim to have special knowledge of the future and always bait bait bait and never tell


  • Kinjiro

    We can only speak in concrete terms of the past. History Channel presented (still available thru the net) a series called "Ancient Aliens". It is not dogmatic; it is arqueological investigation of the past. There is no interest whatsover to 'convert' you.

    It presents some interesting data you might want to examine and corroborate. Foodalls may be wrong in the way he is trying to present the information (or not present). He is turning into a 'preacher' revival style... treating people like they are too dumb to understand this 'knowledge' given to him. Wrong approach to the wrong crowd. Bro! And there always is the speculation based on the past that we have to deal with everywhere!

    But he might have some valid points (if he ever decides to present the.

    Take a look at this series by History Channel. I, for one, would love to see what you have to say about it.

  • shamus100

    True, FF.


  • foodalls

    Here are some places you can see for yourself: (Documentary called: "The Day Before Disclosure"...105 minutes long) (Order their 4 hour long version..its has the most proof) (235 videos all about mankinds REAL history and ufololigy...but much of this info can be seen on many "Nings" for free)

    There are hundreds more, but this will get anyone started on a search for REAL truth!

  • Leolaia

    You remind me a lot of Franz.

    Anyone remember him?

  • yourmomma

    my take:

    aliens=better video games.

    plus the aliens coming brings me closer to my single greatest fantasy: a holodeck.

    make it so!

  • Violia

    I'm with Aussie, if you know something you think we all should know then SPILL IT. Do we need to be in a special club to hear it? Just tell us, I will read it.

  • kurtbethel

    Too late.

    They're here!

    sexy alien women love Don's Premium Seasoning

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