Why do you believe the bible? or not?

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  • designs

    'The books we read choose us'..........well that explains my Library, I was wondering how they got there

  • ziddina

    AiAi, Welcome!!!

    Here's a thread about "Quote" Boxes:


    There are approximately six steps to a successful "quote"...

    Under normal circumstances...

    (1) Copy whatever it is that you want to quote...

    (2) Go into your "Post a reply" box. (If there's a problem with the box, see 2a below...)

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    (6a) Once you've "pasted as plain text" - [again, this would be a GOOD time to make sure that you have a "normal" line below your "quote", or the rest of your post/comment will ALSO be in "quotes" - I'll tell you how to un-do that in a bit...]

    (6b) You then go to the "Styles" pulldown menu. There is only ONE selection - "quote". Hit that, and your desired text should be in a "quote" box...

    (on undoing the "quote" function) IF you happen to have more text in "quote" boxes than you want to, simply hi-lite the offending text and hit the "quote" button again - it's a "toggle" switch, at this point...

    (2a - if there's a problem after copying the text you want to quote...) NOTE!!! If the "Post a reply" box looks "weird" - doesn't have the toolbar at the top, type in ANYthing and hit "submit". Then go BACK into your post via the small yellow pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner, and the toolbar should appear in the post's "edit" function...

    After you've gotten your text into the "quote" box, you can hi-lite the text, bold it, enlarge it, play with it...

    Hope this helps...


  • ziddina

    And getting back onto topic...

    Your name reminds me of the Hawaiian word for rough, sharp, broken lava - Aa Aa... [ironically, given the initial reason I realized that the bible was not 'divinely' inspired...]

    And speaking of which...

    I was bullied into the JWs by my parents from the time I was around 5 years old...

    At about the same time my parents began to coerce and bully me into the religion, I became a rockhound. By the age of 7 or 8, I'd developed a fascination with volcanoes.


    Around the time I was - 8? - a brother quoted Exodus 19: 16-19 from the podium. I read the scripture, and immediately recognized it for what it REALLY was...

    Read it for yourself, before I go any further... See if you recognize what that scripture is REALLY describing...

    Eeeeee-vil grin... Zid

  • jaguarbass

    Zechariaha Sitchin says Exodus 19: 16-19 is a space ship from Nibiru, which goes along with the Sumerian text

    and the Epic of Gilgamesh. You think its a volcano?

  • jaguarbass
  • ProdigalSon

    Well, now that I know that Jehovah is Satan, the Bible is totally accurate and makes 100 percent sense!

  • AiAi
    Since the Bible has been shown to be error prone, inaccurate, and contradictory

    Heaven please show some proof...

    Ziddina thank you for your quotes help...and according to my reading of the ESB that sure does seem like a volcanoe.

    so please go further, you are very thought provoking so far

    Oh and, according to my wife Ai is the chinese word for love

  • OnTheWayOut

    So many books and so many videos and so much reading on the internet about the Bible.

    Once I knew WTS was a dangerous mind-control cult, I had to keep researching the supposed source of such a belief- The Bible.
    And I had to look into what was actually discovered and known by archeaology, historians, literature experts, evolutionists.

    I believe everyone must make his/her own spiritual journey of discovery and I didn't really keep notes, but all that searching to see if at least the Bible was sound brought me to these facts:
    No way a worldwide flood happened.
    No exodus happened.
    Nobody, absolutely nobody, ever lived in ancient times under the Mosiac Law Code.
    Man is way older than the Bible record accounts for and clearly evolved as the other life did.
    The Word of God is not even consistent, offering many flaws and contradictions.
    Man has dismissed so much of the canon in various beliefs.
    The God of the Bible, were He real, would be a real son-of-a-bitch with approved genocide, racism, slavery, abuse of women as secondary citizens, rape of girls.
    Jesus didn't offer anything new that eastern philosophy didn't offer- for such a powerful being, he could have given mankind some more positive teachings on medicine and mental health and diet and slavery and treatment of women as equals.

  • bohm

    OTWO: "Nobody, absolutely nobody, ever lived in ancient times under the Mosiac Law Code."

    Well, ofcourse they didnt do it in the desert of egypt :-). But it made me think -- i wonder if you are referring to some specific "positive" argument that rule out the option?

    GLT: i replied to your CS lewis video on the past page.

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    Everything else about the bible not being the divine flawless word of God we can all agree is true, the bible has a lot of problems, I think even Paul was a false prophet.

    To be fair, there is proof of an historical Jesus but does not say much about him or anything special about him, there was thousands of old texts from the NT in circulation in those days a lot more than any other books, early orthodoxy decided what went in the bible and they had to be in harmony with the four gospels (you can see why barnabas and thomas was never included, rev and hebrews shouldnt be in the Nt), all apostles put their life on the line this shows their believe in faith. When Jesus passed to heaven, other documents mentioned darkening of the that day in other countries which is in harmony with what the bible says (astronomy can not prove that this was an eclipse), the oldest book (page of the book) found which dates 70AEC was JOHN.

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