Why do you believe the bible? or not?

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    Why dismiss it as just a myth? The bible contains great myths, that have carried civilizations.



    This is a very good reason to believe the Bible is from God Yahweh .

    Any Bible must have 66 books at least as what counts is the same availability of God's Word to all nations.

    This is a minimum.

    Jesus is also the Word of God .And he is also the beginning and the end to the process of learning about God and being saved.

    So , we have : Jesus + 66 Books = 1 year + 66 years as the beginning and the same for the end .

    1 year + 66 years + 66 years + 1 year = 134 years .

    1878 AD + 1 + 66 + 66 + 1 in years = 2012 AD.

    To learn how I came to 1878 AD you must study my posts .

    Visit http://www.focusonthebible2011.com and go to alt.bible.

    66 books of the Bible have a superb layout that can be of God alone ! Those folks who compiled the Bible had no idea about that

    Here we go we have four first books of the Old Testament . Deutoronomy summarizes all these 4 books as the 5th book .

    In the New Testament we have 4 gospels at the very beginning and the Book of Acts summarizes all four as the 5th book .

    Then we have 22 books which stand for 22-letter Hebrew alphabet as in Pslam 119 ; we have 22 years .

    The Book of Danilel is the 27th book which typifies the " 7 times " as number 27 can represent that . We must associate "7 times " with Daniel to decode the mankind's history .It is he who wrote about " 7 times " .And it is a clue .

    The New Testament has also 27 books with the Book ofv Revelation ending as the 27th and it is must be related to the Book of Daniel to be understood.

    There are also 12 other books of the Old Testament as ending the old era .

    27 books + 12 books = 39 books = 39 years . The Jews punished evildoers wit 39 stripes ,not more than 39 just in case to pass over 40 stripes of beatings.The 40 would mean going into the New Testament grace- God's grace.

    So ,we have this beautiful amazing layout that proves God does exist and the Bible is from Him !So we should thrust ourselves at mercies of God and thank Him for giving us the Bible that proves He does exists and gives an everlasting life to His people .

    4 books + 1 book + 22 books + 12 books + 4 books + 1 book + 22 books .

    22 books can be split into two parts : 21 books and 1 book .

    The book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation as the distinctive books .27th books of the Old and New Testament respectively.

    1878 AD - 1879 AD for Jesus and 2011 - 2012 AD for Jesus as he is the beginning and the end .

    Then in the middle :

    1879 AD - 1945 AD the Bible as the beginning and 1945 AD - 2011 AD having the Bible as the end .

    Thusly we have here outstanding proofs that God must exist and He gave us the Bible in actuality though mere people compiled the Bible .

    Chances of compilation of the Bible this way and then someone to come out centuries later on and show that ideal order are nil unless it is by God's hand ! We are dealing here with two impossibilities unless God 's putb His hand on these two.And note the timing of that discovery just when we are close to the very end !

    How Great is God the Almighty and how good it is we have the Bible - His Holy Book just as He is holy .

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    Pretty good, Dan.

    This video is always good for that kind of humor:


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    Author Joseph Campbell's writings on The Power Of Myth were very insightful. Definitely a good read.

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    used to

    dont anymore

    discovered i dont need to believe to have an incredibly fulfilling life.....

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    OnTheWayOut thanks for the vid. Incredibly powerful.

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