Congresswoman Shot in Tucson

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  • llbh

    This article shows that gun crime is directly related to gun ownership and the US has a homicide rate 35 times that of The US ,well why i not surprised, and one third of even Canada, so please be careful bts with your stats, and do use sources other than the Mail and it ilk. If you read that article carefully you will note that it was an attempt to discredit the then Home Secretary Alan Johnson, who is a socialist, so they do / just might have had an agenda


  • beksbks

    I'm not saying that people are not pointing at Palin as an example of the violent rhetoric and imagery that has been coming from the right, I'm saying I haven't seen anyone blame Sarah Palin for the shooting in AZ.

  • NeckBeard

    Let us count this all up. The following people have been alleged, with hope in their black hearts, to be white conservative anti-government types:

    1. The DC Sniper. FBI profiling said he was a white man (he wasn't; in fact he wasn't "a man") and the media ran with that. You couldn't miss the fact they desperately wanted him to be white (and Christian), which became particularly obvious when they refused to use his real, chosen, legal name -- John Allen Muhammad -- instead insisting on calling him by his original but no longer legal name, John Allen Williams.

    2. The IRS Plane-Bomber. Joseph Stack was alleged to be an "anti-government extremist" (wink, wink) even though he quoted from the Communist Manifesto -- "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" -- and savaged capitalism in his suicide note. How the media played this is clever -- in news reports, they imply, but do not say, he was a Tea Party type ("anti-government extremist"); they don't say he's a Tea Partier so much as they drop the implication and leave that possibility open for the reader to infer. In opinion columns savaging the right for "hate speech," they cite Stack as an example of the consequences of such. They don't make their errors by direct statement, but they continue making the same error, deliberately, by unavoidable implication.

    3. The Discovery Channel Shooter. In one bullet point out of 20 or so, he mentioned that he didn't like illegal immigrants filling the USA with additional dirty, carbon-dioxide creating people. The media seized on this and dubbed him an "anti-immigration extremist," overlooking the fact that the other 19 bullet points in his manifesto were all about environmental, not immigration, extremism, and in fact that he didn't just hate illegal immigrants' babies -- he hated human babies, period, and wished to see them all dead.

    4. The Times Square Bomber, who, as Reynolds notes, was immediately dubbed a likely Tea Party by the "centrist" Michael Bloomberg.

    5. The census worker hanged in the woods with the word "FED" not, in fact, written on him. He was killed, famously, by an anti-government Tea Party type. In fact, the census worker himself was the culprit -- he killed himself. But this story was barely reported after that, so in the minds of a large percentage of the public, he was in fact killed by a Tea Partier. (Note that the media isn't concerned with dispelling all myths -- they really want you to know that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii; but they don't really mind if you continue to believe the census worker was murdered by conservative conspirators.)

    6. The Fort Hood shooter -- initial reports were pregnant with insinuation that this had been a poor white fellow, one of the guys John Kerry had said hadn't done well in school, so they went to Iraq, who'd gone off his nut. But more importantly, after the shooter's identity as an extremist Muslim had been outed, the media continued to speculate that it was the horror of war and not Islam which had animated him -- that is, that it was still the policies of the right which had driven him to kill. Chris Matthews infamously suggested that he had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder by proxy -- that he had gone mad from the horrors of war not by experiencing them himself (he was always safely stateside) but from hearing about such horrors from his patients.

    Or, given that he would soon be deployed overseas, that he was suffering from pre-traumatic stress disorder -- a new psychological condition, minted by Dr. Matthews, postulating that people can go nuts do to the fear that, in the near future, they will be exposed to the horrors of Bush's War Machine.

    And now:

    7. An atheist (Satanist?) leftist pot-smoking 9/11 truther who apparently became obsessed with Rep. Giffords when she did not sufficiently respond to his concerns about government mind-control by use of grammar-- also, of course, animated by "hate speech" on the right.

    Gee, you'd almost start to think there was some kind of Narrative going on here, with the media dead-set on who the Black Hat would turn out to be in every crime and every horror. And even when it's disproven, conclusively, that their patsies of choice were not in fact behind the crime, they continue to insinuate that we were.

    Enough. Enough.

  • BurnTheShips

    The leftoids are basically creaming themselves over the possibility of a Tea-Party type going off his rocker and doing something nasty.

    Not that it couldn't happen, but every time it isn't, you can almost hear the collective sighs of disappointment in the room.


  • llbh

    Intentional homicides by country

    Source: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime , 2000 [ 8 ]

    Country% homicides with firearmsFirearm homicide rate
    per 100,000 pop.
    Non-firearm homicide rate
    per 100,000 pop.
    Overall homicide rate
    per 100,000 pop.
    Canada [ 24 ]340.541.041.58
    Costa Rica [ 24 ]513.383.196.57
    England & Wales [ 24 ]80.121.331.45
    Finland [ 25 ]190.431.942.19
    India [ 24 ]250.932.042.97
    Ireland [ 24 ]240.321.011.33
    Moldova, Republic of50.478.138.59
    New Zealand130.181.171.36
    Qatar [ 24 ]250.180.530.71
    United States [ 24 ]652.971.584.55

    More stats from The UN, no offence BTS but please treat information from the Mail with suspicion most in The UK do



  • villabolo

    Indeed, stop blaming a single moral degenerate like Sarah Palin when the whole leadership is responsible for creating an atmosphere of hatred.


  • beksbks
    The leftoids are basically creaming themselves over the possibility of a Tea-Party type going off his rocker and doing something nasty.

    That's not even close to the point Burn the Goebbels.

    Quoting myself

    The right is scrambling to paint this guy as on the "left", a "liberal". I have not seen anyone try to paint him as on the right, even though it was a Democrat that was shot, and his anti government attitude is evident. He seems all over the map to me, just plain mentally ill.
  • thetrueone

    The leftoids are basically creaming themselves over the possibility of a Tea-Party type going off his rocker and doing something nasty.

    What a vulgar and untrue of a suggested thought......sheesh.

    Whats wrong BTS. is it because your losing an argument, that you have to resort to this ?

  • Terry

    Just passing by this thread and noticing that whenever something "big" happens everybody snaps into their own private grid of belief, prejudice, apologia and "meaning".

    Facts are actually extraneous.

    When mentally ill people commit violence the mental illness is seldom enough of an explanation.

    When Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon he was a big fan and had even obtained Lennon's autograph earlier that same day.

    The fact that Chapman was reading Catcher in the Rye was cited over and over again as the "triggering" event or cause.

    This thread is saying more about us than the shooting!

  • thetrueone

    The case in point is that political campaigning has to be done with a level of mature civil responsibility,

    irregardless of what political party your supporting.

    This is not being mature and peacefully civil, there is a undertone of violence that to a very few select would perceive

    it to be more than its original intension..

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