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  • Finally-Free

    Farkel, never let the significant be paled by the insignificant. They're like the gunk you get in your comb, and not to be given much thought.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Anyone who knew hillary_step knows that for him half the fun was the written interplay. He could be deadly with his rapier and sometimes I think he'd take the opposite side of a discussion for no reason other than to keep it going. HS was the single coolest person I got to know in the online world.

    Farkel with all I opened up about my childhood and experiences back in the day, you should continue. It's up to you of course, but I discovered via PM lots of people read what I wrote and they never posted on the threads. But it helped them. Once you throw something out there you've got to be ready for whatever comes back. There are a couple of things I posted that I cringe about now, but it is what it is. Maybe posting about it gives a point to some of the pointless things that you've been through. I don't know. I do know you've got something to say.

    You're a good guy and one of a handful of people in the online world I have always stopped down to read what is written.

    I hope you're doing well my friend.


  • still wondering
    still wondering

    Farkel please continue.

    I too assumed that posters here were adults and acted in an adult and responsible way. Unfortunately some have a severe problem with their ego and need it constantly massaged.

    Those currently attacking Farkel, and others that spring to mind john doe etc, are best ignored. Just deprive them of the oxygen, attention, they need and crave and one hopes that they will take their rudeness and infantile behaviour elsewhere.

    On a public discussion board such as this, this is all one can hope for.

    Although older than you I have respect for those both older and younger than myself. That doesn’t mean that I necessarily agree with the views held by them but nonetheless the view I do hold is that courtesy and politeness should be shown to all. If it is not reciprocated it does not affect me, I move on and do whatever I was intending to do anyway. Such rude, possibly also ignorant individuals, do not affect my decisions in the slightest. I hope it will not affect yours.

    Those who fail to show such courtesy to their fellow posters reveal more about their own inadequacies than they realise.

  • AndersonsInfo

    If you won't continue to post your story here, I'll post it on my new website which will then make it one of the most popular XJW websites around. Randy wants your story too so I guess he and I will have to fight over who gets to have it (and he probably will win). Come on Farkel, continue on with your story. Can't you see from the posts on this thread, your opinions and insight are much in demand? We want Farkel's story. We want Farkel's story!


  • pontoon


    We don't know each other, but I've been lurking for about a year and a few posts for a month or so now. I had over 40 yrs. in. I think you must have a long JW history as well. Your posts always make me smile. I enjoyed reading your part 1. In life there are always people that are best to just ignor. Just not worth getting your blood pressure up over them. I admire you squeege skill. When my older sister married a special pioneer ex-bethelite, (way back in the 70's), they moved way up in the NE. Dead of winter time. I went out window washing with him on big store front windows on Main St. You had to squeege that window down and at the same same time pull the pole out so it didn't go into the sidewalk. I was freezing. it was snowing, my brother in law was pissed I was streaking the windows. He took the pole away from me. I thought my sister married a crazy man. One or two days a week he made A LOT OF MONEY!! Long time ago. Keep that story comming.

  • acolytes

    As a kid in England I made good money window cleaning. 1 hour window cleaning was what my friend made on a 8 hour shift at Mcdonalds. The only problem was iam afraid of heights, so repeat business became a problem. (I only managed with shaking legs the first 2/3rds of the upstairs window.)


  • acolytes

    Sorry my window-cleaning story should have been posted on (window washers) wrong topic.


  • moshe

    Maybe senior citizens are misunderstood today-- or maybe our writing is misunderstood?

  • Finally-Free

    I don't get it, Moshe. If I want to wash and vacuum a senior citizen, do they pay me or do I pay them?


  • Heaven

    Dang! I was looking forward to this.

    Ok, so... does this mean you can start working on "Genital Times" then? 'Cause I've been hoping you'd write that one after your awesome Daniel for Fun and Prophet threads.

    You could also still write your story and either a) get it published as a book so now people will pay you for it and/or b) PM it to those of us who would still like to read it.

    Please think on it. Thanks.

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