Some observations from the KM Elder School I wanted to share with you.

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  • Lets Think
    Lets Think

    Hi Misery

    Loved your post. I resigned as an elder three months ago. I have a son in High School, we have saved money for his education. As the GB has taken a stronger stance against education, the more turned off I got. Last year at our elders meeting with the CO he read in his outline that an Elders qualifacations would be questioned if thier son or daughter received higher education I thought thats it,, I can't support this. (plus overlap crap, and other nutter stuff) Also i could not bear another Elders school and the feeling of being a double agent. They just don't get it its not there right or Job to put limits on anyones right to become what they want to be Doctor, Lawyer or whatever. The bible does NOT support limiting education. The GB is losing those that think, and those who learn critical thinking give them grief. Fact is truth can stand critical thinking,,,unless,,, some things are not true at all and maybe made up? Could that be mmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    MLE - thanks for your impressions. I've posted before that we currently have a few serving elders with kids in college (one with 2 attending and a 3rd graduated a few years ago). Good for the kids that their parents have allowed them the opportunity and support despite the "counsel" over the past few years. But, now that it's a removable offense - I really wonder what's going to happen. The BOE here is made up of several colleged educated JWs (which is a rarity) and they've appointed over the past few years a couple of kids as MS that were still in college. And not a "supplemental education" situation, a full 4 year degree (obviously I'm US based) with majors in stuff like engineering and business.

    It seems like the BOE has no choice but to review the elders in question and likely remove them from the 8 questions I see. While the kids are active, it almost seems to me to be an automatic removal because a few of the questions specifically relate to how the elder views the FDS direction. Well, obviously this guy doesn't agree with it because all of his kids went to college (again, good for them).

    I'm hoping they remove him because at the moment, my wife doesn't believe any of this stuff about the WTS forbidding college. She still thinks its each family's choice and that the WTS is just warning of getting caught up in campus life. That has changed and she doesn't want to admit it. If they remove this elder over sending his goody goody kids to college (they live at home, not on campus and are the straightest laced kids you ever want to met), I'm hoping this will help her wake up. It's a longshot but the more they crack down on normal activities, the better chance there is to get folks to wake up.

  • ihadnoidea

    I attended the servant school a few weeks ago, and they had self evaluation questions at the end of most of the parts. Similar to the self evaluation questions you see in the magazines. In the part on Education, the speaker asked this question near the end of his part:

    "Am I secretly hoping to prove wrong the Faithful and Discreet slave?"

    I thought that was particularly pointed, and showed the mindset they have. We told you what to do, are you trying to prove us wrong?

  • TheLoveDoctor

    ihadnoidea are u seriose they asked that question

  • ihadnoidea

    Yep, actually someone else on page 2 of this thread already mentioned it. Just noticed it now. My father, who is an elder for many years, is even lost for words on this new strong stand on education.

  • snowbird

    Thanks, Misery, and get better soon.

    This former field hand from Alabama suggests chicken soup flavored with a generous helping of garlic.

    My JW daughter recently received her Business/Accounting degree, and my JW nephew plans on getting his doctorate in Education.

    The WT and all its Grand Poobahs can kiss the blackness of our collective you-know-what!



  • flipper

    LETS THINK made a very good observation. WHERE in the Bible did it ever say to LIMIT education ? I think I'll bring that point up if it comes up in conversation with my dad or older brother who are both elders and watch their response

  • snowbird

    Exactly, Flipper.

    Take the case of my daughter and my nephew.

    These are two brilliant Black kids from an impoverished background.

    Down here, it's almost impossible to get kids to go to mandatory elementary and high school, let alone college.

    Yet, my daughter and nephew have done just that.

    They are an inspiration to the whole community.

    No amount of door-knocking can accomplish that feat.


  • flipper

    SNOWBIRD- Exactly. I agree with you. You must be SO PROUD of your daughter and nephew ! And well you SHOULD ! In my JW family my niece ( my older sisters daughter ) stopped attending meetings in 1998 and attained her law degree and is an attorney now. My older JW sister has treated her with shunning and scorn for 13 years now because she went to college and my niece who is 36 is very embittered towards her mom as her mom brags about her sister who is serving in Africa as a JW missionary ! It's like my attorney nieces accomplishments paled into insignificance to er mom compared with her missionary JW sister. It really ticks me off at my sister ! But Mrs. Flipper and I try to stay close to my niece and show her as much support as possible - yet she doesn't want much to do with the rest of the JW family. I don't blame her. I'd feel the same way if I was treated like that

  • wasblind

    Hi Snow, Hi Flipp

    I agree, what do they think God gave us brains for if we can't use them to learn and expand

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