Some observations from the KM Elder School I wanted to share with you.

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  • TheLoveDoctor

    I recently stepped down as elder and I appreciat all the comments. It is extreamly obviouse (I cant spell) that so manny have feelings that there serpressing and becoming conciouse of. It is good

  • bobld

    They sure like their educated doctors,nurses, dentists,computer engineerings at bethel looking after the lazy (fat) slobs.


  • Hairyhegoat

    The WTBTS are going up a gear now they feel the numbers leaving/ questioning etc.. are a threat to there final salary pension!!

    Elders at this school in the UK I want to here from you about this meeting because I'm certain you were thinking WTF ! are these groverlig boddy on! I no i would be back stage if I were there with a load of questions about what you you have just heard from these morons!!!

    Very dangerous people with no compassion is what they are!! Post on here don't lurk we need you all to comment ,please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • stuckinamovement

    Great post Misery,

    It is incredible to see how out of touch the Organization is. It is pretty clear to me that they are desperately trying to control a situation that is incontrollable. As the years pass on, and the end does not come, there will be exponentially more and more publishers who see that there is something critically wrong. How long does Brooklyn and the impotent self appointed Governing Body think that they can continue playing this game? The desperation is reaching epic levels.

    As has been posted here many times, the internet will be the straw that breaks the camels back. I can easily imagine that if there were one or two high profile Bethel brothers who publicly resign based on principle that it would embolden others. Especially if it were publicized on the internet and TV. Bethel Lurkers you have a tremendous opportunity.


  • skeeter1

    I was "told" that the new education rules requires a look at the spirituality of both the student and his/her sugar daddy. Only if the spiritual health of the one attending college and the one paying for it are not compromised (meeting attendance, field service, answering, etc) . . . only then would college be "permissible". The WTS putting more strings on the purses, and trying to "keep" the young in by mere blackmail. So, some will fake it with their folks, and others will finally confront and get loans rather then fake it.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    WOW. Thanks for that. I like to know what the enemy is up to.



  • sherah

    Thanks MLE, hope you feel better soon.

    SMH at the stupidity of the GB? Why does the GB think that higher education is the only issue threatening their ranks? They seem focused on it, like it's the only hole in the sinking ship of the WTBS.

  • mentallyfree31

    I don't really know what to say. I'm sure glad I'm OUT.


  • Vidiot

    Miseryloveselders – “…he goes on to say, "brothers, do you know that someone posted the contents of the book on the internet!" All the brothers in attendance with gray hair simultaneously gasped. It was hilarious! I heard brothers go, "what!!" I looked to my right, and saw two older brothers who reminded me of Statler and Waldorf from Sesame Street, look at each other in astonishment. The contrast was evident between the older brothers and those my age. Those my age didn't even bat an eye. In this day and age, nothing is private. Nothing is confidential.

    The fact that the powers that be in Bethel and the older brothers in this organization where shocked about the Flock book leaking online tells ya a couple things. One, there's a tremendous lack of awareness on the part of seriously indoctrinated JWs regarding the real world. I mean seriously, in this day and age of Wikileaks, leaked music albums, leaked movies, did the GB and Writing Department really think their precious handbook wouldn't end up online?”

    Oh, sweet Jesus, that was funny.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, thse poor guys have been nostalgic for the 50s since the 50s…

    Miseryloveselders – “…When it came to education, the grand puba made the statement that if any elder, or anyone in his immediate family was attending a university, his qualications were to be reviewed. Here's the real kicker. If the other elders on that body did not review his qualifications, they were all culpable. That was the exact word he used, and in that context. Culpable. During that part, you could have heard a pin drop even on a carpeted floor. It was shocking. I'm sitting there thinking to myself, ‘did he just threaten us?’

    The most offensive part about it was this guy is criticizing us for our choices in education, when his entire livelihood is based off of our employment and paychecks! On top of that, the guy is overweight. He's fat! I'm thinking to myself this fat greasy mother f#$# who's getting the best of it all, has the nerve to threaten us for our secular education choices. That's when it hit me. This grand puba has a tremendous stake in the rank & file. He makes his living by traveling to various congregations giving talks, and by doing whatever it is that he does at Bethel. If it’s true what they say that those receiving college educations are leaving this organization, it goes without saying that him and others like him are having their way of life threatened. They respond by threatening us…”

    Author Frank Schaeffer (who years back helped start the Religious Right political movement and has since utterly repudiated it), called guys like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell “Professional Christians”; I’ve never forgotten that, but only just lately realized that the term arguably applied to anybody who worked at Bethel, particularly the guys who’d travel.

    You mentioned Wikileaks; I’d brought up that very subject in another thread (yeah, I know, I’m not the only one) - I’ll reiterate it here:

    Regarding Julian Assange's agenda for Wikileaks, Assange's theory is that in order to stem the tide of confidential information flow, authoritarian regimes can't help but implement increasingly draconian restrictions on all lines of communication. At a certain point, however, this ultimately has the effect of preventing the regime from conducting vital internal communication, which, in turn, fatally cripples the regime's ability to function.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Nice....they want all Elders children to be Window Cleaners and scrub toilets for a living.....friggin cult!

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