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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    One stupid thing that happened to me in the last two years was bing told I had to sit and listen to a "brother" who had raped children give his talks. I was just blown away, the elder who was counselling me told me that the child molester noticed that I always left the hall when he had his talks and it hurt his feelings. I should not be doing that. I wish I had said do you think he hurt the feelings of the children when he raped them? I was too blown away to think clearly.

    Wasblind The dog thing was horrible I was deathly afraid of dogs when I pioneered. I was bit six times once it took over six months for the bite to heal. We had no money to go to the doctor so I just had to live with it. I was always being told I did not have enough faith, I did not love Jehovah enough, why was I even out in service if I would not go to door with dogs.

    You name it I was told it, I was told even that dogs can tell if you are a good person and that they only bite people who are evil. I guess I was evil. Did they even hear what they were saying to me? It was horrible, I could be with a dozen people and a dog would come up look around and come to me either jumping on me or sometime just bite me. I truly think they just sensed I was supper afraid of them. Now that I am not forced to put myself in such a place dogs do not bite me like they used to.

    It was all so stupid.


  • thetrueone

    Stupid is better now there's a understatement .

    From my remembrance stupidity and complacent ignorance was the norm among most JWS. that I met.

    I think it was the direct infusion of fear that made most JWS just irrationally stupid with little logical cohesive balance.

    Fear of any outside people who are not JWS

    Fear of community involvement

    Fear of any organized government intuitions

    Fear of Universities and colleges ( higher education )

    Fear of demons lurking everywhere ready to overwhelm them

    Fear of elders and their constant looking at their appearance, behavior and conduct

    .....There are many more to be sure, so is it any wonder stupidity is the norm persona of most JWS

    Human psychology as it is you cant expect to do that to people and not expect these individuals to be weak in their

    rational and critical thinking skills for essentially it nullifies those skills and abilities.

    The Watchtower Publishing Corporation becomes their intellectual base of knowledge and personal direction,

    captivated and held to of course by fear and we all know how stupid the WTS. is........ or maybe they aren't.

  • ziddina


    That cartoon is PRICELESS!!! Man, if I had my choice, I'd let a Vampire in before I'd let a Jehovah's Witness in - at least you can kill the vampire with a stake thru his hea - wait a minute....

    I guess that'd work on the average JW, too!!!

    Life Is Too Short - lady, I wish I could have been present at some of those situations you were put into...

    See, I was never a "Good Little Jehovah's Witness", or a "Good Little Girl"... I said what I thought, and if I didn't like someone, I frankly didn't really care whether they knew it or not...

    My grandmother, who was a major manipulator - the one my mother took her techniques from, as a matter of fact - tried manipulating me into staying close to home, one day...

    She said to me, "Ziddy, I WORRY about you constantly!!!"

    And my reply??? [Keep in mind that I was only 13 years old....]

    I said, "That's funny, Grandma.... I don't worry about YOU, at ALL!!!"

    She never broached the subject again...

    See why I'm the She-devil???

  • ziddina

    Life is Too Short, about the dogs...

    I think I would have purchased one of those bottles of pepper-spray...

    And let it go 'off' "accidentally", if Brother Pedophile got too close....


  • ziddina

    By the way, hairspray and cheap perfume can be almost as effective, on both dogs and pedophiles...

  • agonus

    No Zid, JWs aren't afraid of STAKES... it's CROSSES that will put fear in their hearts (vampires too)...

  • ziddina


    You haven't been watching your "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" enough...

    Crosses SCARE them...

    Stakes KILL them...

    I was going for the more extreme solution...

    After all, I AM a She-Devil...

  • agonus

    Well if Jesus was "impaled on a stake" and not a "crucified on a cross" then I guess the Watchtower's Jesus was a vampire too. Which makes sense since the GB are the biggest bloodsuckers since Uncle Drac!

  • ziddina

    LOLOL, Agonus!!!

  • davidl7

    Compound Complex wrote "The binding, restricting effect that this concern for organizational submission can have on person's minds was illustrated to me by an experience related by Robert Lang, then the assistant Bethel Home Overseer at the international headquarters. He had been transferred to a different congregation in the New York city area and he said that at one of the first meetings he attended there the elders approached him for advice. It seems that a young woman, the sister of one of the ministerial servants, was disfellowshiped and was still attending meetings. She had a small baby and brought it with her to the Kingdom Hall in a baby carriage. The Hall itself was on the second story of a building and the stairs were long and steep. The young woman would back up the stairs, pulling the baby carriage - with the baby in it - up the stairs as she went. The question the elders asked was whether it would be proper for the disfellowshiped woman's brother to assist her in getting up the stairs! Some thought so, others said, no, being disfellowshiped she should be considered as if she were not even there. To his credit, Lang said, "I don't know what the rule is on this, I only know one thing: if I'm around when she starts pulling that carriage up the stairs, I'm going to help her! When I think of what could happen if she were to stumble and lose control of the carriage ....''

    My response: Maybe the elders from that congregation were stupid... if that story is true...I attended a NYC congregation, located on top of a liquor store, with a pretty long stairway...a young disfellowshipped mother attended regularly with her baby in the carriage. The elders or MS of the congregation never hesitated to help her, bringing up the baby carriage, and bring it down for her... my understanding if that a disfellowship person needed some kind of help, and there was no else to help the individual, Witnesses can help them... for instance if one recognizes a DF stranded on the highway due to car trouble, a Witness can offer assistance in that case...

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